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Drive better marketing and product decisions

“Our goal is to make great decisions on products and Apptopia is helping us do that...when a new competitor enters the scene, we know what’s happening and what their true share of the market is, instead of just assuming.”


Tyrone McAuley

Co-founder & Operations Director

“With Apptopia, we now have the competitive intelligence to know if a specific feature is successful in driving revenue growth. Since using Apptopia, we've doubled our monthly revenue."


Michael Witz

CEO & Founder

Grow more target accounts for the sales team

“As a team leader of publisher sales and account management, Apptopia is my go-to for identifying potential partners.”



Adam Boffoli

Head of Supply, Americas

“Our company has always been really, really dedicated to top 500 app penetration. Our sales team is using Apptopia's Sales Prospector to uncover new opportunities."


Jonathan Harrop

Senior Director of Global Marketing

“Before Apptopia, we put in a lot of effort upfront creating decks and emails for our prospects, but we were going in semi-blind. We didn’t know with great ease which tools or systems the app was already using, so there was no way to tell if it was truly a good fit.”


Jared Fleitman

Head of Growth

"Apptopia saves individuals time, but truly fulfills a niche sector of providing high-quality mobile data that we previously did not have."


Justin Tung

Head of Business Technology

Uncover financial correlations

The Data Behind Snap's Huge Q2 Growth


Apptopia’s data was a strong leading indicator of growth for Q2

The Data Behind Netflix’s Q3 Beat Earnings


Apptopia’s data was a strong leading indicator of new growth

The Data Behind PayPal’s Q3 Beat Earnings


Apptopia’s data is a strong indicator of PayPal's quarterly performance

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“Since using Apptopia,
our monthly revenue has doubled.”

Michael Witz

Founder & CEO, Redemption Games