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Ad Intel is your ‘cheat code’ for mobile ad success. Leave the guesswork to the amateurs; use demonstrated success to level up your game.

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Ad Intel Is Your ‘Cheat Code’ for Mobile User Acquisition Success

Develop winning media strategies and differentiate from competitors by leveraging intel on the most current mobile advertising trends and competitive paid campaigns.

Remove Guesswork

Determine which ad networks to leverage or avoid

Decode Creative

Analyze competitive creative patterns and trends

Get Inspired

Generate ideas for new or improved campaigns

Gain Visibility Into the Black Box of Mobile Advertising

Keep your enemies close

Keep your enemies close

Which of your competitors are investing the most into mobile advertising? Where are they growing their presence? Leverage Ad Intel to gain insight into competitors’ strategies and learn from their performance.

Reach your target customers the right way

Reach your target customers the right way

Which ad networks are generating the most impressions for your competitors? How does it differ by geography? Discover the most advantageous ad networks and optimize your spend by country or media type.

Don't fall behind

Don't fall behind

Which creatives are performing best for your competitors? What creative trends are gaining traction? Decode creative strategies and get inspo to stay fresh and catch eyes.

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