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We are data geeks. We are a big data company that builds thousands of machine learning algorithms.
Our value to our customers is our ability to accurately estimate performance on the entire app ecosystem.

The single most important thing you need to know about us is our data. Below we want to provide unparalleled
transparency into our data. We challenge you to find any other provider today who will do the same.

How Accurate Is Our Data

Some Facts:

  • Hundreds of thousands of apps directly connect with Apptopia
  • On average our margin of error is 20%

Having data on hundreds of thousands of apps is great, but if it's not a diverse and representative sample size it's not valuable at all.
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There are some very important questions you should be asking us:

How Many Top Apps Share Their Data With Apptopia?

This file gives you complete transparency into how the hundreds of thousands of apps we have data on breakdown by rank percentile (i.e. how many are in the top, mid, or tail of the charts).

How Much Data Do You Have On Certain Countries & Categories?

This file helps you understand how the volume of data we have varies per country/category/store combination. This way you can get a feel for the amount of real data we are using to train our models given any niche/market you are interested in.

Our algorithms are powered by some of the brightest minds in the world.
Past companies include:
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Where We Get Our Data

Apptopia offers more different data points than nearly any other app data provider in the world. As such we have
different technology and different sources of data acquisition for different data points. Our 3 main data buckets are:

Performance Estimates

SDK Data

Advertiser Insights

Performance Data

i.e. downloads, revenue, usage, retention, etc


Currently, we have hundreds of thousands of apps which directly connect their developer accounts to Apptopia. This allows us to gather all of their real performance data for all of their apps, across all countries. We use this data as our Learning Set to build thousands of different estimation models which let us accurately estimate performance for every app in iTunes and Google Play.

Developers are connecting their accounts with us to take advantage of our free analytics product. This allows developers to get insights on their own apps through a unified dashboard that brings all of their data from many different sources into one. This also allows developers to easily compare the performance of their apps to their competitors.

SDK Data

We currently collect SDK data every single day via two methods:

Binary Analysis

We download every new app or every app which pushed out a new release, every day. We download, decompile, decrypt, and analyze the code for these apps so we can see what SDKs / tools are installed or uninstalled.

API Analysis

We run all of these apps through an emulation environment. We then listen for what API calls those apps are making so that we can see which SDKs they are actually using (vs just what's installed).


Advertiser Insights

i.e. our Advertising Intelligence product

We currently have integrations built with today’s top ad networks:

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We collect our data hereby reverse engineering ad network API protocols. This ultimately means that every single day we can see X% of that networks impressions. The impressions we see are fully diversified by country, category, size of app, demographics etc. For every parameter we have access to, we diversify until it no longer returns new results. By doing this we are able to see a few major things:

  • What ads are being shown (ad type, size, orientation, creative, etc)
  • The volume of ads/share of that network which this ad makes up.

For instance, we might be able to see ~10 million impressions a day for AdMob. AdMob might have 300 million total impressions that day, but we are assuming that our 10 million sample size is representative of the whole. So, if out of those 10 million impressions we see ads for Gardenscape 1 million times, you will see in Apptopia that Gardenscapes has a 10% Network Share for AdMob.

Currently, our methodology for collecting data on Facebook & Instagram is strictly confidential. However, it's important to note here that data we are collecting is from native news feeds and not secondary sources like Facebook Audience Network.

What Data Do We Offer

Apptopia provides data on every single mobile app and every single publisher in the world. We primarily focus on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store and provide data broken down by every single country which these stores are available in (150+).

Today, we expose more data to our customers than any other app data provider in the world. We do this both through our web application as well as via our robust API Documentation & a full insight into all the data points we provide insight on:

Apptopia API Documentation


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