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Apptopia is the leading provider of insightful mobile data, powered by an industry-leading model, backed by years of testing and research.


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The most powerful models

for mobile consumer usage behavior.


Get an edge on the market.


Get an edge on the market.

With the most advanced app store and consumer usage models at your fingertips, determining true company performance has never been easier.

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Keep an eye on your competition.


Keep an eye on your competition.

There’s never been an easier way to keep track of your competitors’ activity. With access to millions of apps, you have access to key data that will keep you ahead of the curve.

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industry-leading mobile usage data.

Capture the widest view of the market with growth and usage signals for any digitally focused company. Dig deep into the data and explore behaviors of key user segments over time.

3-4 million devices new

Our models now include panel data which allows us to track real user behavior trends

100k+ consenting apps

Analytics from more than 100k consenting apps are fed into our algorithm daily.

Collected metadata

We collect metadata such as category, ratings, reviews, release notes, and tags.

Proprietary derivatives

Derived metrics from our core data sources.

Learn more about your most valuable customers

Catch market-moving results by understanding the behavior of your highest value customers.

Find out who is driving real growth

Gain a deeper understanding of who your most engaged users are, and who is driving your business forward.

Learn more about your power users

Narrow focus on the customer cohort that drives the
company KPI.

Level up your competitive analysis with customer segmentation

See where competitors' customers overlap and track for changed behaviors.

Dig into cross-app usage

Find out what happens to engagement when users download competing apps.

Break down data by key demographics

Track the behavior changes when a company's most loyal users download competing apps.

Our data in action

Mobile data should be
a part of your mosaic

$SNAP is deepening engagement with its users. How do we know? By tracking Minutes per user per day, we see usage went from 27 to 32 mins.

This avg time spent per DAU aligns to what $SNAP said during Q2 earnings about deepening content engagement and 3Xing time spent on Spotlight.

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Summer Retail Recap: Prime Day and competitive sales stimulate ecommerce

In the midst of a slow-down in retail apps, Big Box retailers' mid-summer sales were effective in regaining consumer attention and competing with Amazon.

Rent v. Buy: What App Downloads indicate about home buyers today

App downloads are a good proxy for home buyers "top of funnel", as net new installs of real estate and rental apps signify intent in one or the other.

Temu hits 50 million installs, but does it matter?

Temu, the ecommerce company owned by Pinduoduo, has had its mobile app installed by 50 million people since it launched in September 2022. 

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