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Track Competitors

  • Uncover and analyze your competitors' key performance metrics.
  • Graph competitor's download, revenue, and usage data country by country to discover international opportunities.
  • Detect unusual movement and new releases by getting real-time alerts on your competition.
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Discover Breakout Apps

  • Quickly cut through the noise and identify the most successful newly released apps.
  • Build custom reports and identify which apps are making the most money in any given country / category.
  • Use Apptopia’s Breakout Predictor to discover what apps are going to reach the top 100 (before it happens).
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Invaluable data to use as you optimize your sales and prospecting process. Enter Apptopia's Insights a simple but powerful tool to solve this problem.— Raj Aggarwal, CEO
Apptopia is a powerful tool that helps Millennial Media uncover new client opportunities and discover the latest apps. We are excited about the tool's latest features and are consistently impressed with the team's drive for innovation.— James Hughes, Director of Publisher Sales
The best thing about Apptopia is how willing they were to customize a solution that worked best for our specific data requirements. They've also been extremely responsive & helpful whenever we needed anything.— Jennifer Hagan, Director of Business Development
Apps I’m invested in use Apptopia to track their competitors, optimize user acquisition spend, and keep tabs on up and coming new apps in their space. Frankly this should be an everyday tool for anyone trying to be successful in mobile.— Mark Cuban, Owner of the Dallas Mavericks
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