Track Competitors

The mobile industry’s lack of transparency can be frustrating. Knowing your contemporaries’ positions enhances your confidence.

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Uncover Key Performance Intel

We level the playing field by giving you insight into the numbers and tactics that the competition does not discuss. Expose their actual strengths and weaknesses:

  • Downloads
  • Engagement including MAU and DAU
  • Revenue
  • Embedded SDKs
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Strategically Plan Map

Strategically Plan Your Next Attack

Gain the upper hand with a window into all of the market’s key stats. When you know exactly where the players stand, you can wisely make your move.

  • Examine download and engagement numbers to uncover areas of opportunity and to determine which countries are heavily fortified by your enemies.
  • Analyze country average revenue per user (ARPU) and cost per install (CPI) to maximize your return.
  • Plot historical data to find out where your competitors went wrong so you can capitalize on their failures.

Master Market Ebb and Flow

"The Market."

Inhale. New entrants jump in all the time. Known combatants are restless. You need to know who is taking your share of the market in real-time to plot your next move to get it back. Don’t worry. Apptopia has you covered. Exhale.

  • Build Markets to keep your friends close and enemies closer.
  • Use Apptopia’s Breakout Predictor to figure out the next top 100 apps – and if one them is yours.
  • Examine our Biggest Movers report to see which apps have gained the most ground in the last 24 hours by store and by category.
  • Subscribe to alerts that notify you about KPI spikes for apps you care about.
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Ready for access to competitive insights?

Apptopia has performance data for every app and publisher in the world and a plan to fit your needs.

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