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Spy on your competitors'
ad strategy

Uncover your competitors’ ad strategy. See what they are advertising, where, and for how much.

  • Discover the ad networks where apps are spending their money.
  • Track ad spend volume over time and quickly identify burst campaigns.
  • Analyze which ad creatives are performing best for your competitors.

Plan your mobile ad Spend

Demystify how much you need to spend to
accomplish your user acquisition goals.
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Step 2

Our Spend Tool will produce a report which tells you exactly how many downloads and how large of an ad budget is needed to accomplish your goals. This report will also help you quantify how much money you need to continue to invest to maintain thislevel of visibility. This report updates daily.

Step 1

Explore your category’s top apps and identify what rank is needed to accomplish your goals. Which competitors do you want to make sure you have more visibility than?

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Maximize your ROI

Discover mid-tier countries where your competitors have already proven out big ROI opportunities.

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Our tool will advise the most optimal allocation of your monthly budget geographically. This allocation takes into account both estimated ROI as well as saturation potential for that specific country, category, and store.

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Ad Tool Maximize Screenshot

Our Maximize Tool will help you quickly identify countries with the highest ROI potential. This is identified by analyzing your competitors ARPU, 30 day retention, and market rates to acquire users in a specific country, category, and store.

Understand your Audience

In order to effectively target your potential users, you first need to understand who they are and where they spend their time.

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User Graph

Discover which apps are also actively used by users of any app. This is the most effective way to understand where your potential users are spending their time and money.


See a detailed age and gender breakdown for nearly every mobile app in the store. Understand what types of users engage the most with certain apps and genres.

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Understand user’s life cycle by analyzing where drop off occurs in the first 30 days. Benchmark any app’s retention against category averages and top overall apps.

Define a product and monetization strategy that wins.

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