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We give you four.

Find by Usage

Find by SDK Installs, Uninstalls, and Use

Find by Market Movement

Find by Company Information

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Top SDKs Using Apptopia

Identify leads by

App Performance

Apptopia gives you access to the most app performance data in the industry today.

  • Downloads
  • IAP Revenue
  • Ad Revenue
  • Daily & Monthly
    Active Users
  • Engagement Index
  • Retention
  • Demographics
  • User Graph

Identify leads by SDKs

We currently track over 10,000 different SDKs. Our SDK technology scans the store every single day and analyzes all new apps and every app which pushed out an update in the industry today.

For any app we can tell you:

  • Currently Installed SDKs
  • Uninstalled SDKs
  • Acitvely used SDKS

Print your competitors’ customer lists.

Export all the apps working with any SDK and subscribe to get real time alerts anytime a new app installs or uninstalls one of your competitors’ SDKs.

Identify leads by Market Movement

Being successful in sales is all about timing. Apptopia helps you find the most relevant apps right now before your competition does.

Gain access to daily insight into:

  • Fastest Growing Apps
  • Top Newly Released Apps
  • Apps With Highest Breakout Potential

Export these. Subscribe to them. Get them every day, for every category, country, and store.

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Identify leads by

Company Information

Our company information is powered by Linkedin, Crunchbase, and our own proprietary algorithms. Today we have data on over 300,000 verified mobile professionals. This data is updated every month.

Report Builder

The Most Powerful Tool in Industry Today

We allow you to query the entire app store in seconds. Build queries based on any and all of the data points we offer. You know what makes an ideal customer, and Report Builder lets you target them exactly.

Some examples of reports you can create:

Most Downloaded app in the UK with an

Attribution SDK and over 250,000 MAUs

Top Newly Released app in the US with an

ARPU over $1.25 and currently using Google Analytics

Top Games making over $25K per month in ad revenue

currently using either Chartboost, Mopub, or TapJoy

and publisher company employs over 50 employees
Report Builder Screenshot

Find the exact publishers you need.

You can filter your report criteria by any and all data points we offer. This allows you the flexibility to run general reports with thousands of results as well as targeted searches with narrower

Produce report results in seconds

Get near immediate satisfaction and dive into your report results right away. Our report view allows you to see an overwhelming amount of data on the target apps. You can also export report results for easy CRM uploads.

Get powerful, real-time alerts

The most valuable aspect of our Report Builder, is that we save your report and run it for you every single day. We highlight the new results which enter your query each day and allow you to subscribe to get these new results in your inbox daily!

Want to know who’s spending money on advertising?

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Sales professionals need these Apptopia features.

Report Builder

Contact Information

SDK Intelligence

Lead Exporting