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Q4 2020 Digital Shopping Report:
Detailing the accelerated rise of ecommerce

Apptopia joined forces with SEMrush to capture the influx of digital consumers. Together, we've identified the top brands, via their websites and mobile apps, for online shopping in Q4 2020.

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Key takeaways we’re putting in your cart:

The best performers in Q4 2020 across the globe and the United States

Uncover how this year's online and mobile sales exceeded all other years' prior

The top retailer market segments in the US

See the biggest movers and shakers across Fast Fashion, ‘Buy Now, Pay Later,’ Athletic Wear, and more

COVID-19’s impact on consumer behavior

Understand the trends which dominated consumers’ attention in Q4 2020

The future of ecommerce

Discover how industry players are evolving to meet the needs of their consumers

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