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Our mobile data has historically proven to have rather strong correlations with publicly reported metrics and have often been a leading indicator

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Ticker Coverage & Mapping

Our data maps into over 2,500 unique public equities and has historical point in time mapping.

Global Insights

All of our performance estimates are broken down by country with strong coverage in US, LATAM, EMEA, APAC, etc.

Data Granularity

All of our data is provided at daily granularity with a one day lag, meaning that today you get access to yesterday's performance estimates.

Quant & Fundamental

Our data pipeline and easy to use website allow us to support both fundamental and systematic trading teams alike.

Papa John's Correlation

Downloading the Papa John’s app shows a clear intent to purchase pizza. As such, you can see that historically, mobile downloads have been a great proxy of quarterly reported revenue movements.

Snapchat International Growth

For major apps like Snapchat, often international growth is more of an indicator of earnings than domestic usage. Here you can see our data has very accurately represented international growth rates for SNAP.

ROKU Q4 Correlation

Roku, which historically has been a big holiday season purchase, showcased huge growth in Q4. What’s most exciting is that sessions growing faster than downloads means that they are not only acquiring new users but owning a larger time share of their existing users as well.

GrubHub Leading Indicator

Apptopia’s Sessions Per User turned out to be a strong leading indicator of Grubhub missed revenues, as this indicated that the typical Grubhub user was likely using the app less frequently (i.e. making less orders)

Apptopia and Bloomberg have teamed up
to make mobile app data actionable for
your team to use

  • Every App and Publisher is mapped across iOS
    and Google Play directly to companies and tickers
  • Bloomberg's OpenFigi IDs are mapped to Apptopia's
    ticker mappings
  • Over 3,000 tickers covered

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Every firm works with data in different ways. To set your firms up for success, we offer several ways to consume data in addtion to our web tool.

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