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Analyze Your Competition

It’s crucial that you learn from your competitors. Every day they are making decisions about what to build, where to market, and how to monetize. You must constantly be analyzing what’s working for them and what's not, and incorporate this into your product strategy.

Get performance data for every app.

  • Analyze which features are most effective
  • Benchmark downloads, revenue,
    engagement, and retention.
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Understand their audience.

  • Discover who your competitors’ users are.
  • Learn where they spend their time and money.
  • Find users with the highest LTV by analyzing retention and comparing to industry benchmarks.

Track all of your competitors in one place.

  • Track market share over time.
  • Subscribe to get real time alerts for major changes
    in performance.

Watch your back.

  • Quickly identify competitive threats.
  • Examine and learn from emerging apps.

Capitalize On New Opportunities

Discover international growth opportunities. Learn which tier 2 and tier 3 countries your competitors are having the most success in.

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International growth is key.

  • Identify fast growing country and category combinations
  • Discover countries where your competitors are seeing the highest ARPU

Analyze and monitor category economics.

  • Evaluate where market opportunities exist
  • Discovery categories and countries where demand is high and supply is low
  • Understand what categories are least dominated by the top few players
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Build The Right Apps

Mistakes are really expensive. The biggest publishers in the world today make lots of them.

For instance only 1 out of every 8 apps Disney launches is actually successful for them. If you can’t afford to fail 7 out of 8 times, you need to use data to advise your product roadmap.

314 apps

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415 apps

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404 apps

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Discover trends in real time.

Instant Heart Rate

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Azumio Inc.

75.1% likelihood of Breaking Out in the next 4 weeks and is currently the 210th ranked app.

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Fuel Rewards ® program


Fastest Growing app in the store, increasing 1,338 rank spots in the last 24, and is now ranked 162 overall.

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Driving School 2017


Most Downloaded New Release, with over 160,000 downloads and $25,000 in revenue in its first 12 days in the app store.

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Discover audience overlap and usage patterns.

  • Analyze what other apps your users are spending their time and money in.
  • Reduce acquisition costs by building apps you know your users care about.
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Want to know who’s spending money on advertising?

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Product Managers need these Apptopia features.

The Essentials

Downloads, Revenue, and Usage

Market Mover Reports

Breakout, Top New, Fastest Growing, and Category


Including Industry Benchmarks


Track all your competitors in one place

Audience Intelligence

User Graph & Demographics