Analyze Millions
of Mobile Ad Creatives

Learn from the best and increase advertising KPIs by analyzing the highest performing ads each day.

Ad creatives are a nightmare. They are expensive and short-lived. We’ve built a lightweight competitive intelligence tool to help you track and analyze millions of creatives so you can learn what works best.

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Data We’ve Collected


# of Unique Ad Creatives

5.8 Billion

# of Advertising Impressions


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# of Unique Ad Publishing Apps
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Benchmark vs the Competition

Quickly discover where your competitors are running ads, what types of ads they are running,and how much new content they are producing.

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Discover what creatives are performing
best for your key competitors.

Analyze launch date, run time, and percentage of total impressions for each creative to better understand which creatives are performing best and which ones didn’t make it past the initial testing period.

Easily share the best creatives directly
with your design team.

We know that being a fast follower means making more money, so we’ve made is really easy to share your competitors creatives directly with your team.