More than five million apps are available for download between the two major app stores…and your app is competing with every single one of them just to be seen. 

That’s where app store optimization, or “ASO,” comes in. This is the process of improving your app’s visibility and increasing app install rates. Without a strong ASO strategy, it’s unlikely that your app will surface, let alone be downloaded. 

We know how important ASO is, so we don’t want you to keep settling for weak tools or guess-and-check methods to get it right. That’s why we are beyond excited to announce the launch of Search Intelligencethe most comprehensive ASO weapon on the market.

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This brand new add-on provides a one-stop shop for your whole marketing team. Upgrade your organic and paid marketing strategies, plus gain critical intel on your competitors, all in the same tool. 

Yep, you read that right. With the addition of Search Intelligence, you’ll never have to compromise on what tools matter most to you. Apptopia is capable of supporting all of your business functions, from sales to marketing (and everything in between). Hasta la vista, switching costs. 

Ready to upgrade your marketing strategy and supercharge user growth? Here’s what you can do with Search Intelligence:

Discover keyword insights

Dive into the terms people search for most in the app stores, and identify which relevant keywords give you the highest chance to rank. Enjoy unlimited keyword research capabilities by uploading an existing list or building a new one from scratch. 


Build a strong organic growth strategy

Find out how your branded vs. non-branded keywords perform, and compare your performance against your competitors. Track an app’s keyword rank history, popularity, and difficulty score overtime to guide overall strategy. 


Maximize your mobile ad strategy

Finding the sweet spot between the popularity and competitiveness of a keyword is key to a winning paid strategy. Using search intelligence, uncover the most effective paid keywords for your business in order to maximize your marketing spend. 


Effortlessly spy on your competition 

Keep an eye on your competitor’s keyword movements and catch changes as they occur. Elevate your offensive and defensive strategies by learning what’s working– or not– for your competition. 


Evaluate your keyword lists

Cultivate and analyze a list of keywords of greatest interest to you– again, there’s no limit to the amount of lists you can create, so get wild. See which keywords  your competitors are having the most success with and identify potential opportunities. 


Enjoy unlimited data and flexibility 

Access data on any app, keyword, country or competitor, at no additional cost. Unlike your typical ASO tool, Search Intelligence gives you room to grow, so you never have to slow down. 

Supercharge user growth 

Stacked with so many capabilities, Search Intelligence leaves no stone unturned. Whether you utilize all of the features or just one, you’ll be more prepared to navigate the competitive landscape than ever before.  

Not to mention, Search Intelligence is meant to be used in conjunction with your existing Apptopia tools. Combine Search Intelligence with Performance IntelligenceReview IntelligenceAd intelligence, and more to design a fool-proof growth strategy. 

Wondering exactly how you’ll incorporate Search Intelligence into your workflow? Contact your customer support specialist today, or click that big blue button below to see the whole Apptopia product suite in action.