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Welcome to Pet Buddies - where you'll find the cutest pets ever! Adopt an adorable virtual pet and create a fabulous life for it. Jump right into the world of shopping, decorating and having fun with your neighbors. With new shop items released each week there is always something fun and exciting happening in Pet Buddies.The creative possibilities are unlimited as you entertain yourself and your imagination to take you and your pet anywhere you want to go. Join Pet Buddies now!

* BE NURTURING! Your pet is all yours to care for. Feed your pet, play with toys daily and take Selfies together. And soon your pet becomes your daily companion.

* STYLE YOUR PET! With new shop items released every week you’ll be able to dress up your pet in the most stylish looks as well as themed looks - from magical fairy to rock star!

* DECORATE BEAUTIFUL ROOMS! Show your creativity and explore endless decorating ideas with new and unique decor items every week. Decorate the house of your dreams for your pet!

* MAKE NEW FRIENDS! Join the Add Me Pool and make new friends and neighbors.

* DO PLAY DATES! Visit neighbor pets and toss a ball, pillow fight, skip rope and much more. Your pet will even hi-five, share a secret handshake and tickle!

* BE HELPFUL! Be a good friend and send your neighbors items they need to earn coins or green cash. Help and trade with neighbors to fill collection sets that you can trade in for coins or green cash!

* JOIN TRADING GROUPS. Trade with others to acquire rare or highly sought after items!

* VIBRANT PLAYER COMMUNITY. There are so many wonderful Facebook groups dedicated to Pet Buddies! Share your pet’s best moments with your friends in these groups where you can have fun gifting, socializing, trading and entering contests.

Why is Pet Buddies so addictive?
- Thousands of items to collect
- Vivid graphics and animations
- Weekly updates with beautifully designed furniture and fashionable clothes
- Advanced decorating tools
- A great variety of looks to create the cutest pets
- Entertaining social interactions
- Lots of ways to make new friends
- Animal lovers will love that their pet seems to have a life and personality all its own

Come for your Pet - Stay for your friends! Join Pet Buddies today!

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Version History

Launched Jul 16, 2015 (over 5 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 months, on average.

Nov 13
Version 1.0.49

- News now stay there even if you re-login between accounts!
- Optimized downloading shops for new players!
as well as several other minor fixes...enjoy!)

Oct 09
Version 1.0.48

* In-game messaging on Iphone finally improved!
* Stylist icon moved! Now it's right next to Collections, Neigbors and other icons!
* Collections trade-in limit increased - now you can trade up to 200 collection items at once!
* Other minor fixes...enjoy!

Jun 09
Version 1.0.47

- Bug fixes

May 24
Version 1.0.46

- Fixed freezing issue

May 11
Version 1.0.45

- Fixed visiting default neighbours

Apr 27
Version 1.0.44

- Fixing the bug with neighbor panel

Apr 16
Version 1.0.43

- New Garden Feature is coming
- Bug fixes

Dec 10
Version 1.0.42

- Fix for dual technology items desappearing
- New features for upcoming releases
- Minor fixes

Jun 13
Version 1.0.41

bug fixes

May 27
Version 1.0.40

- hits and tips on loading screen are added
- improvements for dual technology asset
- cash back register feature improvements
- autovisit crashing issue fix
- minor fixes
- new gameplay features

Nov 26
Version 1.0.39

What's new:
- Close up photo cropping issue with fix
- Birthday date is added to settings
- Tell friends sharing via FB fix
- minor fixes
- new exciting upcoming features

Jul 13
Version 1.0.38

- Minor fixes

Jul 06
Version 1.0.37

- Neighbors Autovisit - Collect all the neighbors awards without actual visiting.
- Automated Banner Award Collector - Harvest all your banner items with just one tap
- Global Search Feature - Search for any item in your account
- Pet follower fix
- Minor fixes

May 28
Version 1.0.36

This update includes the following fixes:
- database Corrupted pop up showing up
- game freezing on a loading screen
- dimming screen issue on loading game

Mar 26
Version 1.0.35

- In-App purchases major fix
- Hair Accessories following pet fix
- Possibility to sleep on flipped furniture
- Minor fixes (buttons freezing fix etc.)
- New exciting features in nearest releases!

Jan 22
Version 1.0.34

- Feature to move subclosets (similar to substorages)
- Styling with accessories improvements
- UI fixes for iPhone X
- Minor fixes (Snapshot, External keyboard etc.)
- More exciting features in coming releases!

Nov 17
Version 1.0.33

The new version includes the fixes to the following issues:
- slowness when loading neighbors;
- problems with layering the assets;
- issue with not receiving the award after purchasing the banner special.

Nov 09
Version 1.0.32

- An indicator showing if you already have an item you wish to buy
- New convenient way of sorting players while gifting: by recently gifted non-neighbors and pets upcoming Birthdays.
- Playmate visiting shops
- Wishlist row is pinned in the Collections tab.
- Several bug fixes and new exciting items!

Oct 02
Version 1.0.31

- Fixes game loading and neighbor visits freezing problems
- Fixes the bugs caused by the new iOS update
- Other minor fixes including the bug with the snapshot in Pet Closeup mode

Sep 14
Version 1.0.30

- Hiding pets at neighbors!
- A new way of selling and gifting items in closet!
- Changes in the collection tab. The Wish List row is unpinned for better convenience.
- Indicator of time remaining before the next plant watering.
- Minor bug fixes.
- More exciting items in coming releases!

Jul 24
Version 1.0.29

- New exciting items in coming releases
- Bug fixes

Jun 19
Version 1.0.28

-Sleeping feature and some pet care activities for Playmates
-Shopping cart at home! Buy more of your favourite items directly from your room
-Sending message just after skipping a free gift
-Number of items in each subcloset is now indicated!
-New exciting items in coming releases

Apr 13
Version 1.0.27

* Blankets for Sleep pet care! Now you can tuck your pet in with 6 different blankets!
* Wrapped gifts now show sender's name and instant message button when opened!
* 6th house added, more rooms to decorate!
* Perspectives Grid option for easier advanced decorating!
* Toys at playmate! Something to play with your mate every day! More coming soon.
* Make up kits open for Playmates now!
* Pause your pet in Closet! Very handy for screenshots and dressing up)
* Manequins with newly bought costumes now in the beginning of the closet! No need to scroll far. Also Hide Manequins option added.
* Duplicate items now get mover around substorages together, not item by item! Easier to keep your closets tidy!

Feb 20
Version 1.0.26

* Now your pet has a playmate pet - even more fun customizing it! Special toys and more features coming soon, stay tuned!
* Indicator of how many items still can be placed in the room - explanation on tap added
* Edit House Mode - scroll improvement
* You can now tap an item in your closet to see it's name!

Jan 23
Version 1.0.25

What's new:
- new feature to buy assets directly from your neighbor's house
- detailed shop releases list in shop menu
- hair dye preview in the shop
- ability to send message after accepting a collection item gift

Dec 13
Version 1.0.24

What's new?
- Several new features to have fun with coming soon, stay tuned!
- Watch and Earn minor fixes
- Items that are no longer avaliable for purchase in shops will be marked NLA in storage and closet

Nov 08
Version 1.0.23

- Multiple closets: Even a neater way to organize your cute pet's outfits!
- Mannequins in closets: a more convenient way of keeping costumes together, stay tuned!
- More items in one room: You can now place up to 150 items in one room!
- New awards with in-app purchases coming soon, stay tuned!
- You can now change order of your storages! Just drag them around and organize in most convenient way for you!
- Minor bug fixes

Sep 21
Version 1.0.22

iOS 10 issue fixes

Sep 05
Version 1.0.21

- Optimisation fixes! Game is even smoother and faster now!
- Neighbor activities and trash minor fix.
- Assets resize minor fix.
- Gifting pop up fix.

Aug 02
Version 1.0.20

- Support of layered wigs
- Gift wraps are now available
- New animations for your pet
- Other minor fixes

Jul 04
Version 1.0.19

- Shop Search feature! Now you can easily find any item on sale in no time!
- Each pet received a Pet ID! Easier to navigate now.
- Collections gifting fix. Now 100% safe
- Search Neighbors feature! Find the neighbor you need by typing her or his name.
- Minor bug fixes

May 09
Version 1.0.18

- Gifting fix - each and every gift is safe now!
- More interesting videos to watch and earn Gems!
- Improved protection against hackers
- Minor bug fixes

Apr 01
Version 1.0.17

- Game working faster now even if your room is with animated items
- Items limit for a room increased - you can now put up to 140 items
- GC sales and best deal offers coming really really soon now!
- Minor fixes for sub-storages
- Small but nice fixes throughout the game

Jan 27
Version 1.0.16

- Multiple storages
- Closet improvements
- Loading optimization
- Many other small fixes

Nov 24
Version 1.0.15

- Fixed problems with missing walls and floors
- Fixed problem of some items being lost
- Many other small bugs were fixed

Oct 11
Version 1.0.14

- Bug fixes for iPhone 6 and further
- Trash at 41st and further neighbors fix
- Minor News fixes

Sep 18
Version 1.0.13

New neighbor activities
New shops
Misc fixes

Aug 26
Version 1.0.12

- Nurture feature
- Shop updates

Jul 11
Version 1.0.6

- iOS 8.4 crash fixed
- New Shops

Jun 22
Version 1.0.5

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