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For those who love interior designing and love decorating, let’s introduce you to your new blank canvas! With this fashion house designer decorating games you can have lots of fun creating a new room that you or your client will love! This decorating rooms game allows you to choose all your furniture pieces and accessories that you can use to create a wonderful room! Choose furnitures from plants, beds, lounge, floor coverings, tables and so many more! This is one of the best decorating house games available for fashion design and design home living, so why not have fun today!

Choose A Room!
Have fun choosing a room you want to decorate from the bedroom to the living room! Once chosen you can work your decorating magic and see how good your skills really are!

It’s Decorating Time!
Pull out all the stops to create the perfect room! Decorate with designer furniture pieces and add your own personal flare that will suit your own personal styling taste!

Rearrange Time!
Once you have settled on your room design, why not take a picture then rearrange again to see what new looks you can do!

What’s Inside Fashion House Designer?
6 large beds to offer comfortable sleeping.
3 chest of drawers and 3 rugs ready for bedrooms.
10 wall patterns and 5 wall colors to personalise your wall.
3 windows and 3 curtain options to give your room an open feel.
3 pillow options for the bed to make for comfortable resting

Fashion Home Designer Features
Select the room you want to decorate between the living room and bedroom.
Choose your bed and pillows to make for a comfortable sleep.
Change the wall patterns and wall colors to suit your personal taste and style.
Accessorize with plants and other moveable items to bring life to your room.
Add lighting to your room to highlight your wall hangings and furniture.
Kids just love playing home designer games. This decorating game is the best home decorating game online for children today!

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Version History

Launched Nov 15, 2014 (about 6 years ago).

Releasing new versions every almost 2 years, on average.

Oct 18
Version 3.0

+ New Level Added : Set up your Front Yard
+ All your rooms are now saved automatically but you can still reset them
+ More than 300 new items added in existing rooms
+ SDKs updated

Mar 06
Version 2.1

+ Support more languages
+ SDKs updated

Nov 14
Version 2.0

+ Two new levels added : Kitchen and bathroom
+ More content in existing levels
+ Multi language support added
+ SDKs updated
+ Consent added

Nov 17
Version 1.0

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