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Meet Mimitos now, your new virtual pet! It's a funny and loving cat that is waiting for you to be looked after. Can you keep it healthy and happy?
He needs you to adopt him and also look after him. Feed him, play with him, tickle him...! Customize your little Mimitos and make him a unique and charming cat.
Also, you can find 12 amusing minigames and a beautiful and a customizable garden where o grow your own food!

++HOW TO PLAY Mimitos Virtual Cat - Virtual Pet with Minigames++

Your goal is to take care of him as if it was a real cat. In the end, all of them have the same needs. You will have to feed him, keep him happy, relaxed and clean.

Take Mimitos home and, start to play with him!
Dress him as you like it, choose his garments, his accessories, etc. It's up to you! Dress him up with the most bizarre costumes, or with the most typical ones. You've got more than 100 pieces of clothing to choose.
Customize his home. Choose his furniture, decorate his bedroom, customize the kitchen, choose the color of his living-room walls, the pattern on the floor... Free your creativity!
Take care and customize your garden, be the envy of all the neighborhood!
Feed him. You have got lots of food to choose from, but... just a tip: he loves sushi.
Play with him and tickle him. Remember that he needs your cares to be happy!
Wash your Mimitos and keep him clean to avoid illnesses.
Take him to bed to recover all the energy to play.
Enjoy your garden and become an expert farmer.

Show off that you can look after Mimitos very well!

The game has more than 200 challenges to unlock and all of them have a prize.

If you want, you can share your records in the social networks or visit your friends' Mimitos to have a look at their clothes and decoration.


The game includes several funny minigames that will provide you cash to buy food, clothes and furniture for Mimitos:

RUN! Run as much as you can and collect all the cash you will find. The rockets will make you run faster!
MEMORY. Train your memory with Mimitos cards.
BUGS. Many bugs attack Mimitos' food. Make him not to run out of it!
SPACE. Mimitos goes to space with his sidereal spaceship. Avoid the obstacles and collect all the cash that you will come across.
JUMP! Jump from platform to platform without falling to open space. Try to collect as much cash as you can during your journey.
ROULETTE. Give it a chance and win cash and bells when you get a line of objects.
CATCH. Catch all the balls you find!
OBSTACLES. Dodge all the obstacles moving to another lane with the finger.
TRAFFIC. Go as far as you can! But, watch out before crossing!
GUMMY. Join the same color gummies and break the bubbles before you run out of movements. BUBBLES. Make combinations of bubbles to burst them. Get rid of all of them to go up a level.
PIANO. Follow Mimitos's rhythm. Press on Mimitos's icons and play a beautiful song.

Need any help? Want some more advice? Visit us at:

You will also find us on Facebook http://fb.com/mimitosmeowmeow and Twitter @mimitosmeowmeow

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Version History

Launched Apr 24, 2014 (over 6 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 months, on average.

Mar 14
Version 2.48.1

- Bug Fixes

Feb 13
Version 2.45

-Solved different errors!
-Minor bugs solved!!
-Screen rotation error solved!

Jan 31
Version 2.44

Solved some errors.

Jan 19
Version 2.43

Solved some errors.

Sep 14
Version 2.41

-New feature, get extra coins!!
-Solved different errors!

Jun 20
Version 2.30

Some errors fixed.
Microphone incompatibility solved.
Performance improvements.

Jan 16
Version 2.10

New furs for Mimitos!
- Siamese
- Black
- White
- Tabby

Make your Mimitos more special than ever!

Aug 01
Version 2.9

-Some language problems has been solved!
-Solved different errors!

Jul 14
Version 2.8

-New CLOTHES pack!! Russian style! Get it now!!
-New language added! RUSSIAN ! :)
-Solved different errors!

Jun 23
Version 2.7

-New FURNITURE package!! Japanese style! Get it now!!
-Solved different errors!

May 30
Version 2.6

-New clothes pack!! Japanese style! Get it now!!
-Solved different errors!

Apr 04
Version 2.5

-New MINIGAME !! The new Stack game, help Mimitos to tidy the kitchen up!
-Solved different errors!

Feb 15
Version 2.4

-New furniture and clothes package!! Winter is coming!
-Solved some bugs

Jan 07
Version 2.3

-New incredible and amazing package, new clothes, furnitures, etc!
-Some bugs fixed

Nov 23
Version 2.2

-Earn a large amount of bells playing minigames with the new feature Daily Ranking!
-Solved double reward for share in social networks!

Oct 14
Version 2.1

Added different features.
Solved different errors.
Added notifications.

Sep 29
Version 2.0

A new feature in order to share your pet has been added.
Some bugs has been fixed.
Two new minigames of mimitos.

Mar 31
Version 1.11

New minigame "Traffic"!!!

Mar 02
Version 1.10

New minigame "Gummy"!!

Feb 13
Version 1.9.4

-Correction of errors caused by ads.
-Less intrusive ads.
-Earn double coins in the minigames.
-You can earn bells watching TV.

Feb 01
Version 1.9.3

General bug fixes.

Dec 11
Version 1.9.2

- Bug Fixes
- Caring your garden and increases happiness of Mimitos
- Changes in prices of pots.

Dec 04
Version 1.9

New garden for Mimitos!

- Grow a wide variety of plants.
- Make sure you water the plants after planting the seed.
- Don’t let the fruit ruin, harvest it soon.
- You can either harvest the fruits or sell them to earn coins.
- Get the incredible bell plant and you will become a rich cat.
- Change the garden’s location, choose among a beautiful valley, the Antarctica, the city, the desert, etc.

Oct 30
Version 1.8.1

-New merchandising store about Mimitos! You can access from the virtual shop in the game or on http://store.mimitosmeowmeow.com and get bells purchasing Mimitos products!
-Get some extra coins viewing some ads in the TV in Mimitos dining room.
-You can play Slots game more times a day.
- Minor bugfixes.

Oct 14
Version 1.7.2

The biggest update of the game until now!

- Now you can see the records of your friends in the rankings section!
- Find hidden presents in other Mimitos’ houses!
- You can see your friends’ furniture and buy them too.
- Send messages to other Mimitos. Tell them how awesome their houses are or ask them to visit you.
- Review the notes in your fridge. Maybe other Mimitos have sent you happy messages :)

Sep 05
Version 1.6

- Level up quickly. Now, buying clothes, furniture and using potions give you experience!
- "Kids mode" for minigames, this reduce the difficulty and allow the kids to play easily.
- Notification about new items available when Mimitos levels up.
- It is easier to make Mimitos happy :)
- Bug fixes

Aug 14
Version 1.5.1

++ ¡2 new minigames! ¡Discover! ++

- Mimitos doesn't leave home if you don't look after him!
- Mimitos will not disturb you at night... Shhh!
- The coins in the Bugs minigame are collected automatically!
- The app is faster and lighter, it needs less space in your device!

Jun 24
Version 1.4

+ Adjust scoring in the game Run and Jump
+ Improved performance overall, the game will be more smoothly!
+ Bugfixes
+ Improved Interface

May 10
Version 1.3

- Adjustment of prices and rewards.
- Performance game improved!
- Space Minigame now has better rewards.
- Bug fixes.

Apr 30
Version 1.02

- Bugfixes

Apr 24
Version 1.01

Bug fixes

Apr 02
Version 1.0

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