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Garfield, the world’s most famous cat, and his intense passion for food are coming to mobile and tablets in a fun new simulation game! As a last desperate hope, Jon takes Garfield camping in order to force him to diet. But for Garfield, Diet is 'die' with the 't'! Help Garfield get back his favorite dishes while camping in the wild. It is the Survival of the Fattest!!!

“Garfield: Survival of the Fattest plays like an animated cartoon, complete with many of the beloved characters from the fat cat’s universe,” said Garfield’s creator Jim Davis. “It provides the most vast, wonderfully casual, immersive experience players will ever encounter in a Garfield game to date.”

“This mobile game is a big fat hairy deal and I don’t say that lightly…in fact, I don’t do anything lightly,” said Garfield.

Game Features
- Build, explore and adventure through Garfield’s wilderness camp
- Collect and gather all of your favorite Garfield characters: Jon, Odie, Nermal, Squeak, Arlene and more than 10 extra personalities!
- Play hundreds of quests and see your favorite characters come to life in humorous animations! Hours of fun!
- Over 30 food items to plant or craft with original recipes... everything you need to keep Garfield fat!
- Unlock exclusive animated scenes and comic strips
- Play 5 crazy mini-games to earn Lasagnas: Spider Cave, Crazy Restaurant, Dig Site, Happy Fishing and Memocolor Challenge. More mini-games will be added in future updates!

PS: You can play this game in English, Brazilian and Spanish!

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Version History

Launched Jul 31, 2014 (over 6 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Nov 17
Version 1.13

- Discover the new Comic Strips reader, collect & access your comic strips at anytime
- Enhanced graphics
- Game is now fully translated in Brazilian Portuguese
- Many Bugs Fixes and UI ameliorations

Jul 18
Version 1.12

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Various Fixes and Improvements:
- Stability Improvements
- Fixed blocked screen bug where game prompts to continue game locally or via Facebook

Have suggestions? Write us at garfield@pixowl.com
Your feedback constantly helps us make Garfield: Survival of Fattest the best game we can!

Jul 14
Version 1.10

Garfield and his friends put up their best old school outfit for a new set of missions to try to go back to their own time!

Special Event "Back to the 80's" will give you access to:
- Meet Robbie the robot and try to complete all his objectives to bring him back with you.
- Discover a bunch of new vintage items and buildings Care Friends, Magic Cube, Skate park or Video Rent Store - just name it…
- Earn some bubble gums all along the missions and buy'em all!
- Help Robbie through the new quests: 17 new animations for your favorite characters!
- Complete them all to earn bubblegums to be able to buy the special 80's items:
- Introducing the magic cube crop, the yoyo tree and the pins tree to create a funky orchard!
- Try the new junk food carts, the Sugar Pills Dispenser, the Cube Factory, the Jell O pet Factory or the Springy Factory.
- Discover a big bunch of new incredible items and buildings -animated or not: the robot cube, the arcade cabinet, the skateboard kit... and many more.
- New app icon

Jun 30
Version 1.04

What's New in 1.04 - The Social Update:

New social features:
- Connect via Facebook to create your player account
- Find & invite your friends via Facebook
- Visit their map to see how they improved Garfield's life in the wild
- Send & receive gifts, free goodies for all!

New mini game: discover the Arcade Room and beat the Memocolor Challenge to earn Lasagnas

New character: meet Irma, the Diner's clumsy waitress and help her complete various quests to serve the best meal ever!
New missions and items: unlock a new area
Bugs Fixes

Your feedback constantly helps us make Garfield: Survival of the Fattest the best game we can! If you encounter specific problems please contact us at garfield@pixowl.com

Jun 05
Version 1.03

Thank you for your continued support of Garfield: Survival of the Fattest!
As Garfield says, "Start each day with a smile (and get it over with)"

This updated focuses on fixes:
- Fixed bug where some Npc were disappearing during a mission animation
- Crash fixed when launching a Fiesta by tapping on the balance
- Progression on the pollution elements cleaning is repaired
- Fixed cooking factory
- The Lasagna rewards for Mini-game successes are back
- Maximum level increased
- Various other bug fixes

Your feedback constantly helps us make Garfield: Survival of the Fattest the best game we can! If you encounter specific problems please contact us at garfield@pixowl.com

May 28
Version 1.02

- A new Mini Game to discover : Help Garfield to catch as many fishes as possible!
- Meet Wade, the hypochondriac duck and unlock a bunch of new missions.
- A new lakeside area to discover...piles of fishes everywhere!
- New decoration items and new junk food carts!
- Many Bugs Fixes
- Performance & Stability Improvement
- A New App Icon

Apr 23
Version 1.01

What's New in this Version 1.01?
- Many Bugs Fixes and UI ameliorations
- A new help tool for players : Tips, FAQs and even a chat to discuss directly with us !
- Performance & Stability Improvement

Apr 11
Version 1.0

Worldwide Release version, this is a big fat hairy deal!

What's New in this Version 1.0?
- 2 new Characters to unlock
- a new area to unlock and expand your camp
- New Animated Missions for all Characters
- New Animated Decorations Items
- Game translated to Spanish
- Create your Account to save your progress and restore on any device
- Many Bugs Fixes
- Performance & Stability Improvement

Mar 20
Version 0.99

- New Contents
- Many Bugs Fixes
- Stability Improvement
- Faster Loader
- Create an account to save your progression and visit your friends to earn Lasagnas!

Feb 06
Version 0.98

A new update of your favorite Garfield game is now available, check out all the goodies you will get, so update now!

New Contents
- New characters just came to the Diet Camp: let's make Garfield meet with his new buddies!
- New missions and Animations for each character
- New Achievements system, reach the goals to earn more Coins and Lasagnas
- New animated items available in the Market: tap them to see them come to life
- New exclusive Garfield comic strips and illustrations when you accomplish special actions

User Interface has been improved:
- New Menus allow to access directly to each character and quests
- More intuitive navigation in the game

New Social Features!
- Connect with Facebook or Twitter to create your Profile
- Visit your friends and see their map

And of course many bugs fixes and corrections!

Dec 20
Version 0.97

- Brand new mission system : discover multiple stories involving Garfield and his friends!
- New characters : discover Billy, Binky the clown, the enigmatic Bear and many more...
- New cooking system for a improved Junk food experience : Gotta craft'em all!
- New Fiesta mini game and various improvements on the mini games : life in the woods isfunnier than ever!
- Simplified navigation for a fluider game flow and interface changes
- Various bug fixes

Oct 29
Version 0.96

New Missions
Many improvements

Oct 10
Version 0.95

We are launching a whole new version of the game!
If you encounter any issue after the update, please uninstall and reinstall the full game.

What's New?
+ News Stories (News Quest)
+ More Trees and JunkFoods to discover
+ Improved gameplay
+ Many bugs fixes

Jul 31
Version 0.9

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