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Ten Blocks is a game, that will help user to understand one block and ten blocks very easily and with good user interaction techniques, good background music as well as good on screen presentation that gives very good knowledge to user and as a result this game will attract user to play again and again

Level 1

Game will display a random number of one block and ten block and user need to first count and then set the number on screen by clicking on the empty boxes.

Level 2

Game will display a random number and user task is to set ten and one block to match the number

For each round of question,user can make maximum of 2 attempt, if fail on second attempt,Game will gives detail answer on screen and then game will generate new round of quiz.
if user's score manage to reach into top 5 spot. Game will ask user to register his/her name in to Games top scorer list.
To register user name in to top 5 score,first,user must secure a score which is in top 5 and then user need to click on "Home" button.

Good variety of options to read the one block and ten blocks.
Allow user to register his/her name in top scorer list.

Functionality of MENU
Home: Will take you back to main screen at any point of time. You can then choose another quiz.
High score: Will take you to the top scorer screen which will display the list of top 5 scorer of the Game.
Help: Will take you to the Help screen which will provide needed help on the Game.

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Version History

Launched Apr 16, 2013 (over 7 years ago).
Dec 20
Version 1.1

new version is fully compliant with IOS versions.
new Level added

Apr 17
Version 1.0