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***Over 10 Million Downloads!!*** Play The Original & Best Dentist Games! Have you ever wanted to become a dentist? Now you can be!! Come help clean up the teeth! Featuring super fun new characters including cute rainbow unicorn, baby shark, pet puppy, kitten and more!

**How To Play:**
-Use the side bench items to help clean up the teeth
-Place the dentist bib
-Get the toothbrush. Then, tap & drag a squeeze of the toothpaste onto the toothbrush. Move the toothbrush with the paste around to brush teeth.
-Floss the teeth to remove candy and stuck food pieces
-Use water-sprayer and suction to remove water
-Help the fun characters!

Level 1: Help add toothpaste to the toothbrush then brush teeth, floss and much more!

Level 2: Let's clean the teeth! Use the water-sprayer, bad breathe spray and add braces!!

Level 3: Play another dentist clean-up time!

Level 4: Have fun as you make the teeth pearly white! Add rainbow braces!!

Level 5: Oh no! The scientist needs a mouth makeover! Let's clean-up!

Level 6: Rainbow Unicorn dentist time! Remove candy from the teeth and play with lots of rainbows & sparkles!

Level 7: Ice Princess party time! Help the princess in the snowy winter wonderland. Help clean the icy food pieces from teeth!

Level 8: The pet puppy dog teeth are very dirty and yellow! Help clean the food out of the teeth and brush! Bark!

Level 9: Help the kitty cat clean the cat food out of the teeth! Meow!

Level 10: Help the baby shark in the ocean! Watch the bubbles & fish swim around as you clean the teeth and add braces!!

*Level 11: The pony unicorn needs your help! Spray the bugs from the hair, clean the rainbow teeth and much more!

*Level 12: T-Rex Dentist room! Go to the jungle rain-forest for a reptile dentist salon!

*Level 13: Vampire dentist room! Spray the bad breathe, brush teeth and clean-up!

*Level 14: It's monster Halloween Frankenstein dentist time! Help the green monster clean teeth!!

*Level 15: Help the alien get teeth clean and white! Add green alien water, rainbow braces and much more!

*Level 16: Super hero salon teeth makeover! Help floss teeth, brush and much more!

*Level 17: Vroom, Vroom! Help the race car clean up and look best!

*Level 18: Clean-up the Red Truck teeth in the mechanic garage! Beep Beep!

*Level 19: Santa has candy stuck in his teeth and needs your help! Have fun on the Christmas theme level as you clean-up Santa Claus!

*Level 20: Help clean-up the happy emoji teeth! Add braces, brush and much more! Have fun!

*Please note that levels 11-20 must be purchased separately.
*Please note that Dentist Care Games is free to play, but you are able to purchase additional characters & remove ads with real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases.*

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Version History

Launched Apr 08, 2013 (over 7 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 6 months, on average.

Nov 27
Version 2.6

• iOS 13 Ready
• Crashing bug fixed
• Animations bug fixed
• Added new characters, game features, emitters and special effects!
• Improvements for a smoother game experience
• Sound & music updates!

Jul 17
Version 2.5

• iOS 12 Ready
• Optimized for iPhone X
• Purchase Crash Bug Fixed
• Animation Bug Fixed
• Added enhancements including new characters, emitters and game features!
• Sound Updates!

Jul 12
Version 2.4

• iOS 12 Ready
• Crashing Bug Fixed
• Animation Bug Fixed
• Added enhancements including new characters, emitters and game features!
• Sound Updates

Jul 05
Version 2.3

- iOS 12 Ready
- Optimized for iPhone X
- Added new levels, characters, pets and tools!
- Added new effects, sparkles, bubbles and emitters!
- Sound & music updates

May 28
Version 2.2

- iOS 12 Ready
- New Icon
- New characters including baby shark, pet puppy, rainbow unicorn and more!
- Optimized for iPhone X
- Game enhancements including new features, sparkles and emitters!
- Crashing bug fixed
- Sound bug fixed

Jun 21
Version 1.9

- iOS 11 Ready
- Fixed crashing bug
- Sound bug fixed when using back button while holding a tool.
- Added new backgrounds!

Feb 16
Version 1.8

- iOS 11 Ready
- New Themes and Backgrounds Added!
- Bug fixes and enhancements for smoother game performance
- Sound updates

Jan 25
Version 1.6

-bug fixes

Dec 09
Version 1.5

-bug fixes
-minor enhancements

Sep 28
Version 1.4

-bug fix

May 13
Version 1.3

-bug fixes

May 08
Version 1.2

Bug fixes.

May 07
Version 1.1

Updated to show less advertisements.
Changed minimum iOS version to 5.0 to fix the crashing issues.

Apr 09
Version 1.0

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