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ScoreKeeper is an easy way to track scores when playing games, and total the scores automatically. It's great for for playing table games like cards, dominoes, dice, Farkle and even works well for scoring a round of golf!

ScoreKeepr BACON version supports up to 99 players and 99 rounds of play!

Being by starting a New Game in the left side menu. The game is saved automatically. All previous games can be loaded again from the right side Games menu.

Two ways of entering scores are available. A number pad like a calculator, or by adding to the current score by pressing +1 +5 +10. The -> button moves the input one player right for fast input. The Down button moves to the next row. Undo reverts the score to what it was before entering the current score. There's a button to cancel scores for trick-taking card games, or to indicate with a — the player that went out.

You can change the font, text size, and pick from different backgrounds.

Email the results from the LeaderBoard, where players are shown sorted by total score. The scores can now be sorted by lowest first or highest first.

You can send feedback right in the app by tapping on "About/Feedback" in the menu.

Thank you for choosing ScoreKeepr and keep on playing!

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Version History

Launched Dec 31, 2012 (over 7 years ago).

Releasing new versions every over 1 year, on average.

Mar 14
Version 3.2.1

The +1 +5 +10 +50 +100 scorepad is back! You can switch how to enter scores easily in the menu.

Swipe to open the menu is less touchy so that it doesn't keep opening the menu while trying to enter scores.

The row height for large font sizes doesn't clip the scores, and works better at all font sizes.

Added the missing app icons for the iPad Pro.

Please use the in app feedback if you have any problems / questions / comments. Thank you!

Dec 23
Version 3.1.0

Games menu shows game name and # players
(to set game name, tap ScoreKeeper in top bar)
Swipe left or right to slide out menus
Improved auto row height to show more rows
Auto font size based on number of players
An alert when an app update is available
Sometimes games showed blank cells, now they are zeros
LOTS of tweaks, bug fixes and enhancements

Dec 19
Version 3.0.0

ScoreKeepr BACON v3 is completely redesigned!
Improved score entry (no more +10 -50 etc).
Now has up to 99 players and 99 rows per game.
New animated backgrounds (can use more battery).
Next and Down buttons for faster score entering.
Leaderboard now has Reverse Sorting for games where high score wins.
Name the game you're playing.

Dec 31
Version 2.0.0

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