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Not only a handy coloring book, but also an amazing painting doodle pad.
Unlike those coloring-by-number or coloring-by-tap-fill game, this game presents you to draw on coloring pictures stroke by stroke with various brushes , which makes coloring experience pretty unique and realistic.

*** 10 beautiful brushes: oil brush, chalk, watercolor, neon glow, rainbow, crayon, diamond necklace, chalk, ribbon, etc.
*** 160+ beautiful coloring pictures of princess, lovely animals, dinosaur, cars, planes, etc.
*** Make video to record drawing as animation clip.
*** Not only coloring book, but also drawing pad.


Unlike those common coloring book games which just let you to tap and fill color with the traditional "the-machine-fills-it-for-you", this coloring book game presents you to draw on coloring pictures with various realistic brushes stroke by stroke, such as crayon, neon, dry brush, rainbow etc brushes. It is just like draw on real coloring paper, where the only limitation is your imagination.

All drawing procedure is recorded and can be play back anytime like a movie. You may even encode your drawing into a video clip to share with your family and friends.

Game supports pinch to zoom in/out to draw on small places easily. The color picker is pretty intuitive and offers endless colors just at your hand.

This volume 1 has 160+ beautiful coloring pictures, including princess, boys, cars, airplanes, flowers, animals, dinosaurs, Christmas etc.

- 160+ pictures of various kinds.
- various kinds brushes, including chalk, dry brush, water-color, crayon, pen.
- create video clip with coloring
- intuitive color picker
- pinch to zoom in/out to paint in small space
- undo
- eraser

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Version History

Launched Dec 12, 2012 (about 8 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 9 months, on average.

Apr 29
Version 1.1.8

Add oil brush to doodle on coloring page.
Improve color picker.
Improve video recording.

Jan 16
Version 1.1.7

Fix several bugs

Sep 01
Version 1.1.6

Added new brushes.
Fixed several bugs.
Tuned brush for retina iPhone and iPad series.

Dec 17
Version 1.1.5

Add more than 50 beautiful texture brushes!

Oct 29
Version 1.1.4

1. Upgrade for iOS7
2. Fix several bugs
3. Add "OK" and "Cancel" buttons back to color picker

Jun 18
Version 1.1.3

1. Flawless zoom-in zoom-out, makes coloring in small area pretty easier.
2. Fix several issues.

May 03
Version 1.1.2

1. Add button "Save" so that kids can save their painting anytime they want easily.
2. Refine the logic to exit painting to make it more intuitive.
3. Fix several bugs.

Apr 21
Version 1.1.1

1. Provide In-App purchase to remove Ads.
2. Improve build-in gallery.

Apr 19
Version 1.1

Made several enhancement in this version
1. Better UI to select coloring page and display painted pictures
2. Can "Save" or "Save as New" during painting
3. Can share to Facebook, Twitter or mail from built-in gallery if the device is iOS 6.x.
4. New color picker
5. In-App purchase to remove Ads.
5. Fixed several bugs.

Dec 12
Version 1.0

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