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Now make 18 sweet & yummy, crazy candy. Be an awesome food chef - make every candy with fun machines, chocolate, bubble gum and more! Sour strips and fruity bursts just added.

Sour Strips - A touch of tangy with the sweet of sugar! Make some now! So yummy and fun.

Fruity Bursts - Choose a fruit snack flavor and fill it put with juice! Don't let it burst!

Candy Bars - Add layer after layer of goodness such as chocolate, peanuts, toffee, crunchy almonds and more. Delicious!

Bubble Gum - mix up a batch of your favorite flavor of gum, chew it and blow bubbles, bigger and bigger until they pop!

Gummies - Pick a flavor and create gummies in your favorite shapes...worms, fish, bears and many more!

Lollipops - mix up candy and pick a stick to create the lollipop of your dreams!

Don’t forget about all of these other fun candy machines -- Hearts, Chocolates, Candy Canes, Candy Corns, and more!

ABOUT Sunstorm
Sunstorm is the pioneer of the popular "Maker" and "Sunnyville" series of games. Founded in 2009, Sunstorm provides creative and fun experiences for kids and parents to enjoy together. Sunstorm is a subsidiary of TabTale, a leading, global creator of innovative games, interactive books and educational apps.
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Version History

Launched Aug 30, 2012 (over 8 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Jun 20
Version 2.5

> Revised privacy policies due to regulatory changes. While we were at it - we've made some gameplay improvements and bug fixes. Have fun!

Mar 29
Version 2.4

NEW Cake Pops - make your very own cake pops and choose from different delicious toppings!
Loving Candy Maker? Hungry for more? Check out more maker apps on www.tabtale.com

Nov 06
Version 2.3

> Bug Control - We sprayed some more bugs... eww!
> Improvements for better game performance.
> Like us on facebook for new apps and creative activities for your kids! facebook.com\tabtale

Sep 19
Version 2.2

>Zap! We’ve swatted the icky bugs! Now your game is creepy-crawler free and faster than ever!
>Thanks for being awesome players! Send us your feedback so we can keep making games you love.
>Keep up with the latest games at facebook.com\tabtale

Mar 07
Version 2.1

>No icky bugs here! We’ve swatted the nasty bugs away – now your game will run extra fast!
>Thanks for playing! Send us your feedback so we can keep making awesome games for you!
>Like us on Facebook to know what’s new and stay ahead of the game! facebook.com\tabtale

Dec 06
Version 2.0

>No more bugs here! We’ve stepped on the little guys and made your game extra fast!
>We’ve enhanced your game – it’s now smoother than ever, and fun as usual!
>Keep in touch! We’d love to hear from you!

Nov 04
Version 1.500

> Sweet new food making activities! Yummy!
> Great news! Now your app runs smoother than ever!
> Join the Sunstorm family! http://www.facebook.com/TabTale

May 14
Version 1.461

> Bug Control - We sprayed some more bugs... eww!
> Improvements for better game performance.

Feb 23
Version 1.460

Make an awesome new candy
Make Sour Strips - YUMMY!
Tangy and sweet.

Try it now!

Dec 30
Version 1.450

New awesome fruity bursts.
Juicy fruit snacks -- fill 'em up with juice!
So cool to do!

Dec 15
Version 1.400

Just added -- Fruity Bursts!
Make fruit snacks
Inject fruit juices
Eat! So yummy.

Nov 05
Version 1.300

New look
Bug fixes for iOS 8

Oct 29
Version 1.200

Better iOS 8 compatibility

Aug 20
Version 1.113

bug fixes!

Jun 07
Version 1.112

Candy that is sweeter
Candy that is more Fun
Candy! Candy! Candy!
Bug fixes

May 15
Version 1.111

Bug fixes and great tasting candy!

May 07
Version 1.110

Bug fixes
Better candy
More fun!

Apr 14
Version 1.10

Better tasting candy and bug fixes

Mar 17
Version 1.09

Improvements and enhancements
iOs 7 compatibility

Nov 18
Version 1.08

iOS 7 Updates
Bug Fixes

Oct 28
Version 1.07

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Oct 20
Version 1.06

Cool Improvements!

Aug 16
Version 1.05

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Mar 15
Version 1.04

Easter Edition!
* Delicious chocolate bunnies and rabbits!
* Chewy jelly beans!
* Yummy marshmallow PUFFS!

Jan 25
Version 1.03

Valentines Edition!

-Make Candy Hearts with custom messages to your sweetheart!

-Create Chocolate Candies of all shapes and flavors!

New COINs allow you to skip screens, use new random flavors, and much more!

Nov 27
Version 1.02

Holiday Update!!!

Great update with your favorite holiday candies:

** Make Candy Canes of all colors!! **

** Make Gum Drops and decorate them like funny faces **

Oct 24
Version 1.01


Jaw Breakers! - layer over layer of flavors!

Fizzy Pop Candy! - they pop in your mouth!

Candy Coated Candies - A soft center with candy on the outside!

AND Candy Corn! Just in time for Halloween!!

Aug 30
Version 1.00

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