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An infamous poacher is threatening the animals of the wilderness! Head out on safari to rescue them from danger and welcome them into your wonderful zoo.

***** Enjoy the wildest Zoo adventure on the App Store *****

“It’s the best zoo game I’ve played in a while, the visuals are amazing & the animals look realistic”
“Beautiful graphics, nice message: take care of animals”

“This zoo game definitely has the best design and gameplay experience compared to any other zoo game to date” GAMETEEP [4,5/5]
“The best choice for kids.” Best10Apps [Editor’s pick]
“Wonder Zoo is a pretty solid specimen” GAMEZEBO [4/5]

• Follow an adventurous main story
• Enjoy beautiful 3D graphics in a wild world

• Explore 7 special maps
• Find animals and bring them back to your zoo

• Travel back in time to the Prehistoric period
• Save 9 amazing dinosaur species

• Breed animals to create legendary species
• Customize your zoo with tons of options

• Release the animals to save their species
• Repopulate the environments to unlock their Guardians


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Version History

Launched Oct 11, 2012 (over 8 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 6 months, on average.

Nov 21
Version 2.2.0

Minor bugs fixed

Aug 21
Version 2.1.9

Minor bugs fixed

Jun 03
Version 2.1.2

Minor bug fixes

Sep 11
Version 2.0.0

The game is now completely free!
- Earn extra Coins and continue your progress by watching videos.
- Optimized user interface and game engine.

Nov 19
Version 1.6.0

Doc has done it again! His amazing Time Machine just went haywire and accidentally opened the way to the ancient Frozen Era! Meet and rescue all kinds of new animals in this lost world of wonder and beauty.

What's new:
- New intro movie with an adventurous and hilarious new story.
- Frozen Era Wilderness: Hop in the Time Machine and rescue more prehistoric animals after reaching level 15.
- Limited-Time Animals: Get the wild White Tiger, cute Koala, Mexican Donkey, and more special critters while you can!
- Dinosaur Breeding: Now you can make happy dino families.
- Get Mythical Animals: You can now purchase Mythical Animals in the Shop.
- More Expansion: Due to popular request, make your Wonder Zoo bigger than ever before.

Sep 17
Version 1.5.0

More animals, more wonder, and more fun are coming to Wonder Zoo in this new update!
What’s new:
- A new Animal Release building with an easier, more fun interface
- Win rare animals and exclusive buildings in the new Lots of Wonder Lottery
- Discover 5 limited-time animals before they leave town
- The level cap has been raised!

Jun 13
Version 1.0.4

The ultimate goal of a Wonder Zoo Keeper isn’t just a zoo full of animals; it’s a whole world full of ‘em! Discover the brand new Release feature and much more in this new update.

• Rescue & release: Families of rescued animals can now be released back into the wild. Release lots of animals to earn Peanuts and help them thrive in the environment.
• Repopulate an environment and unlock its Legendary Guardian to watch over the land!
• New quests will teach you about releasing animals and how to save endangered species from extinction.
• Breeding is easier than ever with simpler options (and discounts) to get the animals you need.
• Fixed an issue with the time machine, which will be available as soon as you update the game.

Mar 13
Version 1.0.3

It was an ordinary day at the Wonder Zoo. The sun was shining and the animals were playing peacefully - until a mysterious spaceship landed right outside!

Startled but curious, Sean and Claire ran out to see what was happening. The door opened, and out of the spaceship stepped… their old friend Doc, the zany scientist!

Doc explained that his ship was actually a time machine and he had just come back from the Age of Dinosaurs. But he needs your help to go back in time and save the wounded dinosaurs!

✓ Discover a new animated movie featuring your favorite zookeepers and meet their friend Doc.
✓ Use Doc’s time machine to travel back in time and explore the exciting prehistoric wilderness.
✓ Save 9 amazing dinosaur species, from the giant Apatosaurus to the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex!
✓ Set off on exciting new quests.
✓ Build new habitats for your dinosaur friends, plus a time machine and much more.
✓ Share the fun with even more friends through Game Center.

Feb 05
Version 1.0.2

Zookeepers, we just received an urgent SOS message! New endangered species have been found and they need your help!

✓Hop aboard your speedy Hovercraft to sail across new river environments and rescue 5 new animals, including the toothy Crocodile and Pink Flamingo.
✓Discover some of the most elusive sea creatures, such as the wiggling Octopus, the pointy Narwhal, and the majestic Manta Ray.
✓More legendary animals for your Wonder Zoo:
Are you fast enough to catch the giant Anaconda?
Reel in the Scottish mystery and catch the Loch Ness Monster!

Nov 21
Version 1.0.1

Your rescue mission now goes beyond land! Sail the oceans to save endangered sea animals in this new update.
✓ Enjoy a brand new boat so you can cross the seas and rescue 6 new animals including: the cute sea turtle, the funny seal and the mighty orca.
✓ Behold the king of the seas! Try new cross-breeding combinations to get the elusive Great White Whale.
✓ Beware of the night howler! Wait for the full moon to unlock the most feared mythical animal, the Werewolf.

Oct 11
Version 1.0.0

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