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Baby Games is a super fun and easy app for 1 and 2 year old toddlers. The idea of the game is to tap Easter eggs to free funny characters and animals and to play with them.

Simplicity for babies
The user-friendly and simple interface allows for easy interaction and open ended game play creates an environment where babies can play at their own pace without goals or limitations. All games are designed for one and two years old kids. The activities are easy, free of pressure, and 100% ad-free.

Gravity Sandbox Learning
The sandbox style game play invites exploration. Kids can experience and learn about the effects of gravity, buoyancy, and zero gravity by interacting with the multitude of colorful characters and animals in seven different categories(Meadow, Ocean, Space, Countryside, Farm, Savannah, Jungle).

Character Creation
The game let's babies to design their own characters too and practice their creative skills. Character design studio can be found from inside the activities 1, 2 and 3.

Parents are free to customize the games to suit the needs of their children. The size and the maximum amount of characters can be freely adjusted. While 1 year old might be best suited with only a few large characters to interact with, 2 and 3 year olds can handle much more!

Animals of the world
The game includes over 100 real world animals to discover. Parents are encouraged to enhance the educational value by teaching their children the names of the animals discovered. Kids can also enhance their knowledge about the habitat of the animals by discovering animals from different environments.

Characters have unique sounds to give them personality and make it more engaging for young kids. With every touch they make their unique sounds to encourage interaction.

Baby Games is designed from the ground up for babies, toddlers and small 1 and 2 year old children.

Key Features
- Simple open ended game play for 1 and 2 year olds!
- Early learning: Babies can experience effects of gravity and buoyancy by interacting with funny characters and animals!
- Never ending open ended game play to encourage experimenting and learning through play!
- Character creation studio: Practice your creativity skills and design your own characters!
- Let's learn together: Kids can discover over 100 real world animals and parents can teach their names!
- The funny character inside the Easter egg will always be different! Each character is randomly generated and there are over 200,000 variations!
- Parents can customize the size and number of the characters to suit the needs of their child.
- Safe and Ad-free environment!
- Baby Games is free to try and contains In-App-Purchases!

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Version History

Launched Mar 11, 2012 (over 8 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 4 months, on average.

Jun 23
Version 3.4

- Bug fixes and performance improvements

Dec 11
Version 3.3

- Bug fixes and performance improvements
- Added app preview video and screenshots for the latest devices

Jan 09
Version 3.2

Enhanced the parental gate to prevent kids from accessing the More Games section.
Better support system.

Dec 02
Version 3.1

- Bug fix that makes the app perform better!

Nov 27
Version 3.0

- Usability enhancements

Nov 09
Version 2.9

- Maintenance

Oct 30
Version 2.8

Fixes the "black screen" bug that made the app crash at launch on devices with older OS versions.

Oct 27
Version 2.7


Sep 22
Version 2.6

- Monster Creator! (Start Meadow, Ocean or Space and tap the new icon in the bottom right corner)
- Maintenance

Dec 04
Version 2.5

- Maintenance and fixed a rare bug

Nov 24
Version 2.4

- Support for iOS8, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
- New monster parts: 2 new body types, 1 new sets of eyes, 2 new mouths and a crown!
- New In-App-Purchase content: 4 new scenes with farm, forest and wild animals!

Sep 25
Version 2.3

- 40% smaller file size
- Maintenance

Oct 03
Version 2.2

- Parental gate enhancements and internal fixes

Aug 25
Version 2.1

- Parental gate that prevents kids from navigating out of the app or making In-App-Purchases accidentally

Apr 28
Version 2.0

- Localization (Korea,China,Japan,France,Italy,Russia,Spain,Germany,Portugal)

Mar 13
Version 1.9

- Increased stability
- Smaller file size

Feb 21
Version 1.8

- Mute button
- Smaller size
- Small fixes

Jan 04
Version 1.7

- Bug fix. In previous version monsters fell through the ground on iPad with retina display.

Jan 02
Version 1.6

- Better piñata rope
- Proper support for iPhone 5

Sep 28
Version 1.5

- Fixes the broken link on the "More Games" page

Sep 07
Version 1.4

- Added a restore function to the In-App Purchase

May 11
Version 1.3

- Increased stability

Mar 30
Version 1.2

- iPod touch related bugs are fixed!

Mar 27
Version 1.1

- Crisp retina graphics for the new iPad!
- Bug fixes related to the new iPad

Mar 11
Version 1.0

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