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From the creators of Tiny Tower comes Pocket Planes, a casual airline sim that fits right in your pocket!

- Manage and grow your fleet of planes as they fly interesting people and cargo to over 250 cities around the map.
- Unlock everything from tiny prop planes to jumbo jets and small town airports to mega cities.
- Customize your planes with your own paint jobs and pilot uniforms.
- Trade plane parts among your friends, and compete in worldwide group events.
- See how you stack up against your friends with tons of stats and leader boards.

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Version History

Launched Jun 06, 2012 (over 8 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Feb 15
Version 1.2.4

Fixed gifting bug!

Jan 27
Version 1.2.3

- Small bug fixes

Jan 23
Version 1.2.2

+ New friends functionality
+ 64 bit compatibility

May 16
Version 1.2.1

Ready for departure!
+ Fixed notifications not showing on iOS 8
+ Fixed video offers

Feb 18
Version 1.2.0

- Three new planes!
- Fixed video ad bugs

Jan 19
Version 1.1.11

- Fixed video ad orientation issues.

Dec 11
Version 1.1.10

- Fixed crashing on older versions of iOS

Nov 14
Version 1.1.9

- fixes for graphical glitches on new devices.

Sep 29
Version 1.1.8

- Fix for iCloud issues.
- Fix for gifting issues.

Sep 17
Version 1.1.7

- iOS 7 fixes.

Sep 16
Version 1.1.6

- bug fixes.

May 30
Version 1.1.5

- Fixed crash when returning to app.

May 22
Version 1.1.4

- Fixed button positioning on Bux Menu.

May 09
Version 1.1.3

- Free bux offer on GET BUX screen
- Fixed help view orientation bug

Jan 21
Version 1.1.2

+ Fixed crashing when receiving gifts
+ Fixed some cargo related achievements
+ Fixed some bugs with airport stats
+ Changed Cordoba in Spain to Sevilla to avoid confusion with Cordoba, Argentina

Nov 27
Version 1.1.1

+ Fixes to some cargo related awards
+ Fixed bug in airplane stats

Nov 09
Version 1.1.0

+ Bug fixes

Oct 11

- Fixed load/unload button hit detection
- Fixed layover delete button hit detection
- Fixed graphical glitch on sleigh
- Fixed crash when canceling a gift
- Fixed disappearing clouds
- Fixed null achievement popup

Oct 10
Version 1.0.5

+ iPhone 5 and iOS 6 support
+ New planes
+ Support for syncing with Mac version
+ Bug Fixes

Jul 18
Version 1.0.4

- New game guide! Tapping the info button in the top right of a screen will load the game guide to the appropriate section.
- Tapping and holding a load or unload button on the Jobs Screen now auto-loads/unloads jobs with the same destination.
- Pulling the list down on the Jobs Screen now gives you an option to refresh the current jobs.
- Local (non Flight Crew) events now give a bux prize when completed.
- City cap increased by two.
- iCloud sync can now be disabled in the device settings.
- Plane cargo now automatically removed when hangared.
- Minimum contribution to earn prize now shown on Flight Crew prize screen.
- Costume unlocks now saved per-plane.
- Improved special character stripping on Flight Crew names.
- Improved game startup time.
- Fixed bug where planes can be stuck without a trip and can't be accessed.
- Fixed crash when viewing planes list with no active planes.
- Fixed bug where plane upgrades and stats were lost when hangared.
- Fixed multiple achievement bugs.
- Fixed bug where some screens would stay loaded in background and steal input.
- Fixed crash when editing plane name while landing.
- Fixed spelling of Oceania.
- Fixed bug allowing plane upgrades in-flight.
- Fixed bug where bux or coins could go negative.

Jun 21
Version 1.0.3

- Vastly improved iCloud support for playing across multiple devices
- Added setting to disable syncing in game settings
- Added button to reset Game Center awards in game settings
- Fixed invisible menu hijacking touches
- Zoom level on map now saved
- Added category header to Flight Crew leaderboards
- Many other small bug fixes

Jun 15
Version 1.0.2

Thanks for flying with NimbleBit!

- Added tweet button to Flight Crew menu
- Fixed crash when returning to app while Game Center window was up
- Removed vibration from in-game drop-down alerts
- Fixed crash on resume
- Some spelling corrections
- Prevented clearing of achievements
- Fixed crash when plane lands while manifest is up
- Fixed cursor positioning on Flight Crew menu

Jun 06
Version 1.0.1

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