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Hand is a famous game in middle eastern countries, especially Kuwait. It's a variation of Rummy games with a few fun twists and turns. If you know Rummy, this game should be easy to pick up and learn.

This app is designed to mimic exactly how you'd play Hand. Enjoy your single player games against bots, or play online.

- If you're new to the game, there's a "How to Play" that should get you started out.

- Play single player games against easy, medium, and hard bots.

- Many game options to suit your way of playing

- Multiplayer games with friends either through the Internet, or Bluetooth/Wifi LAN.

- Intuitive gameplay. Just rearrange your cards the way you would in the real world. Feel like laying cards down? Drag the meld from the strip and drop it in the glowing circle.

- Includes all the types of Hands. Joker, Double Joker, Suited, Colored, and the combinations of those.

- Sick of that purple background? Go ahead and change it through options.

- Are you able to get all the achievements? Some of them are really tough.

الهَند هي لعبة مشهورة في دول الشرق الأوسط، وخصوصا الكويت

‎تم تصميم هذا التطبيق لتقليد لعبة الهَند الأصليه‫، استمتع باللعب الفردي ضد بوتات او العب عبر الانترنت "اون لاين"‬

‎- إذا كانت اللعبه جديده بالنسبه لك، هناك "كيفية اللعب" ستساعدك لتعلم هذه اللعبه الممتعه

‎- إلعب مباريات فرديه ضد البوتات السهلة والمتوسطة والصعبة

‎- العب مباريات مع اصدقائك عن طريق الانترنت او البلوتوث او الواي فاي

‎- اللعب بديهي، أعد ترتيب البطاقات الخاصة بك وكأنك تلعبها باستخدام ورق حقيقي، هل انت مستعد لتنزيل الاوراق؟ اسحب البير ‫ المضيء و ضعه في الدوائر المضيئه‬

‎- يشمل جميع طرق لعبة الهَند ‫"‬ التهنيد‫"‬ جوكر، دبل جوكر، لون، زات

‎- هل مللت من الخلفيه؟ بإمكانك تغيرها في اي وقت من قائمة الخيارات

‎- هل حصلت على جميع الإنجازات؟ بعضها صعبة جداً‫!‬ بالتوفيق

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Version History

Launched Oct 11, 2011 (over 8 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Aug 30
Version 1.100

-Fix rare case where you can get an extra card
-Fix rare crash when finishing a game

Aug 10
Version 1.99

- Incorrect rankings fix, again

Aug 07
Version 1.98

- Fixed incorrect scoring
- Laying down melds a second time should not add to minimum

Aug 03
Version 1.97

- Fixed ranking when in 4th place
- Fixed card sorting on dealing hand
- Joker was always counted as 10

Jun 25
Version 1.96

-Fixed game not finishing if you use other player drops

Jun 23
Version 1.95

- Fixed rare cases when bot might try to lay down incorrect cards and get stuck
- Fixed bug where you can't finish the round if you lay down your cards incorrectly the first time
- Fixed slow rollback
- Cards are now sorted by value at the beginning of a round.

Jun 21
Version 1.94

-Made game cards random again (whoops)

Jun 20
Version 1.93

-MANY bot bugfixes!
-Scores were completely wrong!
-Speed up bots

Jun 18
Version 1.92

-Rare bug that might stop single player gameplay

Jun 16
Version 1.91

-Bugfixes for iOS 11

Feb 24
Version 1.90

Added the ability to ban users from rooms.

Jun 10
Version 1.87

- iPad fix
- Improved ability to drag/drop cards into other melds
- Bugfix for crashing online when you're winning (the irony)
- Invites through Game Center!

Mar 01
Version 1.86

Wrong defaults in 1.85. Sorry!

Color mode
Can join passworded rooms again.

Feb 28
Version 1.85

Can join passworded rooms once again
New mode: Colored Hand Only!

Aug 18
Version 1.84

Re-enabled GameCenter

Aug 09
Version 1.83

Online play is working again, sorry about that!

Aug 01
Version 1.82

- Feedback button is working again
- Minor bugfixes

Jun 01
Version 1.81

- iPhone 5 support! Easier to handle your melds now
- Retina iPad support
- Many many bug fixes

Mar 28
Version 1.61

FIX: The new retina iPad had its display all bugged out. Sorry!

Mar 27
Version 1.6

- Complete online multiplayer overhaul! They're now structured as rooms that you can hop in and play at any given moment. Give it a try!

- Joker hand wasn't possible when possessing two jokers. Should behave better now.

- Lots of minor fixes.

Feb 08
Version 1.5

+Added a bunch of game rules for you to choose from:
- After many requests, there's a "Hand Only" mode :)
- Only the last game is "Hand Only"
- If you have two jokers, you must hand joker
- If you have one joker, you must hand.
- Hand or partial hand only from left's discard
- Disable sequence or set melds

+Fixed some invalid melds
+Made bots less dumber when jokers are involved
+Fixed a bunch of out-of-sync issues with multiplayer

If all goes well with this update, I'll focus on a complete multiplayer rewrite and do what I did with Trex.

Nov 01
Version 1.04

- You were able to use the card you've drawn from discard and set it down at other players' drops.

- Cards drawn from discard would be stuck in your hand.

- Cards were stuck in the middle of the screen.

- Couldn't do A, 2, Joker melds.

- Red colored and suited hands wouldn't work if jokers were in the melds.

Oct 24
Version 1.01

This is a quick bugfix release.


- When playing a Game Center match and then playing a Single Player game, the right player gets stuck.

- Crash when double tapping more than 4 melds.


- You can now play your own music :)

Oct 12
Version 1.0

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