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Wanna build up your own dream undersea World? Collect, evolve, raise amazing different fishes in different seas you explored.

Can you DISCOVER the EVOLUTION of fish tales?

*Humming Ninja --> Invisible Ninja, Shadow Ninja?
*Dolphin Ball --> Glow Heart, Ocean Heart?
*Spartan Fishy --> Spartan King, Warlord Fishy?
*Navi Fishy --> Navi Captain, Navi Hero?
*Pony Head --> Zebra Mask, Horse Mask?
... ...
Hundreds More...


*Collect Hundreds of fish characters to care, trade, and share with your friends.
*Explore and create different ocean world with different backdrops and music.
*Design diverse undersea decors to let your friends see your unique undersea environment.
*Over 50 dramatic tasks to challenge.
*Visit your friends’ seas, play with their cute fishes and send gifts to their little fishes.
*Make the choice for your fish evolution.
*Discover treasure and collect money your fishes have earned for your sea.

PLEASE NOTE: Fish Tales is free to play, but some additional in-app purchase requires real money. To avoid it, you may adjust the settings on your mobile device.

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Version History

Launched Apr 27, 2011 (over 9 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Jun 26

- minor bug fixes

Jun 08
Version 1.9.5

- New fish that clean your aquarium for you! Let Evolution take its course and you'll forget about your cleaning duty for a month!
- Funny and charming Puppy Fishies!
- Several bugs fixed.

May 03
Version 1.9.4

- Several bugs fixed. Now you can send gifts to your neighbours and visit top users' aquariums without any problems.
- The iPod graphics are displayed correctly now.
- New User Authentication System - a simple way to get 12 gems!
- New password recovery feature.
- The long-awaited update! An incredible new decorations and a charismatic Diablo fish!

Apr 07
Version 1.9

- General bugs fixed
- Reduced app size
- Improved game balance

Mar 26
Version 1.8

- Optimized for iPad3!
- General bugs fixed and overall performance improved
- The app's size now optimized
- New user friendly interface
- New application icon

Oct 19
Version 1.7

Bug Fixed.

Oct 01
Version 1.6

-Up to Level 36.
-New Fishes: OceanBell, Red Coral series added.
-New Map added.
-New Tasks and Achievements added.

Aug 02
Version 1.5

-Up to Level 35.
-New Fishes: OceanBell, Red Coral series added.
-Bugs Fixed.

Jul 19
Version 1.4

* Up to Level 34.
* New Fishes: WasabiRoot, PitayaBabe, MagicGenie series added.
* Bugs Fixed.

Jul 06
Version 1.3

* Up to Level 32.
* New Fishes: blue bird, choite beads, aquarius series added.
* Less XP required to level up, the way easier and faster to level up than Version 1.2.
* The benefit of raising and trading fishes is more attractive.
* New user Interface design of evolution shells.
* Extend the range of displaying decorations. You can place more decorations in the same sea.

Jun 24
Version 1.2

* Daily Bonus: Players will earn 5 gems or play Jackpot for free once on the 5th continuously active day!
* Players will earn extra coins by taping the bubbles from fishes now.
* Optimized user interface system
* Added blinking button to remind players to see that the fish evolution is finished.
* Added a new button to sell all fishes in your current sea.
* Removed the confirmation pop-up of selling fishes.
* Fixed some bugs.

Jun 01
Version 1.1

* Add Fishes: Lilac, Lily, Typhoon Eye (New fishes each update continually)
* Up to level 30
* Add purchasing confirmation to avoid the unexpected purchase
* Optimize the game balance and adjust the duration of evolution and feeding
* Optimized the memory usage and data saving
* Clean the hacker accounts step by step from the server for a fair gaming environment
* Amazing gameplay and features coming soon

Apr 27
Version 1.0

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