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Inspire your baby to sign! Recommended by speech therapists, the adorable Baby Sign and Learn animated characters make signing so much fun!

One of the most fundamental human desires is to be understood - help your baby communicate by teaching her baby sign language.

The Baby Sign and Learn app features cute animated video demonstrations that will captive your child. Practice by playing the fun interactive quiz and inspire your baby to sign with the aid of the colorful flashcards.

This app uses keyword signs and allows you to specify your preferred sign language dialect. Supported signed languages include: American Sign Language (ASL), Australian Sign Language (Auslan), British Sign Language (BSL), Hong Kong Sign Language (HKSL) and New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL).

This app is free to allow you an opportunity to sample the many features and to try a few signs with your child. Then, if you would like to continue, please consider buying the full version which contains a great selection of baby's first signs. The full version can be purchased in the 'Unlock Signs' section of the app.

What people are saying about Baby Sign and Learn:

"Simple format. Great animated graphics and some authentic voice overs make this one of the best toddler apps on the market!" ~Static451

"I am enjoying it big time. My son even enjoys it he's only 15 months can sign bath and eat. He tries to do finish but he can't get his hand right, but he loves sitting there pressing it to watch the signs." ~T.L.

"The layout of your app is amazing to say the least and my one year old who already knows some signs was so into the babies signing instead of the adult that we see in most videos and other apps." ~Victoria

"My granddaughter is 6-months and when she sees my phone she reaches for it and pushes the buttons to see the babies...she loves to look at them" ~Olivia

I love this APP ! I looked for a long time before stumbling across this one, it is by far the BEST. I used to work in pediatrics & did a lot of co-treats with speech therapists & learned a lot from them. As they say, "If you don't use it, you lose it" , that happened to me. I especially love the feature of being able to watch the sign ! I highly recommend this for ANY parent/caregiver! Thank you for this incredible app!!" ~Discojd

"Love this app
My whole family has learned so much from this app. I have 3 kids 8,7 & 3 years old and they are all learning with this. I have told other parents about it too!" ~Mommy Renee

My baby loves this app. She has learned to communicate her needs quickly & loves to watch the babies." ~mamacita3

"Love it checked different apps and this one is the best! Everybody has fun learning sign language with this app. My children 1-10 years old love it!" ~Mrs mom of five

Visit http://www.babysignandlearn.com for more information about baby sign language.

Please Note: it has been stated in a recent review that one of the animated babies has a speech problem. While this was the case with a very early version of the app, it has been resolved for quite some time. If you are still affected by this issue, please visit the 'Unlock Signs' screen and follow the screen prompts to install the free update of the app's downloadable content.

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Version History

Launched Jan 19, 2011 (over 8 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 4 months, on average.

Aug 16
Version 4.9

Update for iOS 10 compatibility.

Jan 04
Version 4.8.5

Fix: content download screen crashing on pre-iOS 7 devices.
Thank you to the users who reported this problem.

Dec 04
Version 4.8.4

Minor bug fixes.

Nov 22
Version 4.8.3

Minor UI fixes.

Nov 11
Version 4.8.2

Minor fixes for iOS 7 compatibility.

Oct 23
Version 4.8.1

This update applies the bug spray to the Watch Signs section of the app. A special thank you to the users that reported the issue. Happy Signing!

Sep 18
Version 4.8

* Improvements to make the app more child friendly.
* All access to external links are now protected by a parental gate.
* Updated for iOS7.

Jul 26
Version 4.7

Support for French and French Canadian baby voice.

May 31
Version 4.6

Simplified the 'Unlock Signs' screen.
Support for iPhone 5.

May 02
Version 4.5

fixed parental access to Unlock Signs and More Apps sections

Apr 08
Version 4.4

★ Baby friendly 'Play Pad' screen added to the 'Watch Signs' menu.
★ Parental gate now in place to prevent baby from accessing the 'Extras' and 'More Apps' sections.

Oct 24
Version 4.3

Minor bug fixes.

Oct 10
Version 4.2

★ Improved app stability
★ Support for iOS 6
★ Added Alphabet and Number signs
★ New in-app purchase available, 'Baby Speaks Spanish!"
★ Watch Signs section now plays videos in landscape mode

Sep 28
Version 4.1

★ Support for iOS 6
★ Watch Signs section now supports landscape mode
★ Added Alphabet and Number signs for ASL (American Sign Language)
★ Added support for Spanish speaking animated babies
★ New in-app purchase available, 'Baby Speaks Spanish!"

May 22
Version 4.0

• new feature added to 'Flashcards' to allow continuous play through all signs in a category (optional setting).
• new feature added to 'Watch Signs' to allow continuous play through all signs in a category (optional setting).
• added ability to swipe through signs in a category (rather than having to return to the category menu).
• each signing video now shows a cute, colorful, contextual picture.
• added a flashcard for every signing video.
• changed position of the Play button on the flashcard screen to make it more accessible.
• added keyword narration for each flashcard (optional setting).
• setting to allow playing of animated videos with child voice, adult voice or without speech.
• modified the included sample content for some sign languages to offer an improved selected of signs.
• minor bug fixes to the quiz, affecting iOS5.
• minor bug fixes for audio.
• new content is now available for purchase from the Unlock Signs section: American Toddler Signs (ASL Volume 3).

Dec 17
Version 3.0

♥ Categories for signs
♥ Icons for each sign in the Watch Signs section
♥ Favorites list
♥ New quiz questions
♥ Video Replay button in the Watch Signs section
♥ Improved talking baby audio quality

Oct 22
Version 2.2

♥ iOS5 compatibility
♥ Added optional support for Hong Kong Sign Language
♥ Added localizations for Simplified and Traditional Chinese
♥ Added optional support for New Zealand Sign Language

Aug 08
Version 2.1

This version contains some very minor UI enhancements and a bug fix for the flashcard customization feature.

Optional support added for BSL.

Jul 26
Version 2.0

- iPad support.
- New colorful and customizable flashcards section.
- Quiz enhanced with a child friendly narration so that toddlers and pre-readers can play along.
- Option to view signs in ASL (American Sign Language).
- new App settings section.

Mar 24
Version 1.2

Addressed intermittent video playback issue on some devices.
Thank you to the customers who reported the problem.

Feb 07
Version 1.1

Fixed issue causing video not to play until device restart.

Jan 20
Version 1.0

Previous 3 versions

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