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iBingo Caller - it's like being in a real bingo hall!! One of the world's most popular games, Bingo can be played by anyone from 3 to 103.

iBingo Caller features both 75 and 90-ball variants, 3 complete sets of high-quality bingo calls, and a full ball history. All you need are the Bingo tickets and you are ready to play.


- 75 or 90 Ball Mode
- 3 High-Quality Voice Sample Packs
- Text-To-Speech calling with 36 languages (iOS 7+)
- Animated Bingo Balls
- 3 Bingo Call Styles
- Letter/Number (e.g. B11 or G47)
- Just the Numbers
- Full-length "British" calls

- Change the Game Speed
- Fast, Medium or Slow
- Choose your own speed from 0 to 10 seconds
- Manual Advance mode

- Full Ball History during Games
- Easy to read Bingo Card shows the Numbers

This bingo caller includes full voice samples for all of the 90 bingo calls, and short samples too. Three voice packs are included along with a Text-To-Speech bingo caller. The TTS feature works on iOS 7 and above, and currently supports 36 languages.

The game speed can also be changed, including a "Manual Advance" mode - ideal for playing with younger children! There is also a "Custom Speed" mode - choose your own speed, between 0 and 10 seconds between bingo calls.

Three types of bingo calling are available - full length "traditional" style calls (like "Clickety-Click, 66"), just calling the numbers or "Letter then Number" style - a much requested feature from our American users!

 $1.99 in iOS App Store


iBingo Caller - Play Bingo at Home with Friends! screenshot 1iBingo Caller - Play Bingo at Home with Friends! screenshot 2iBingo Caller - Play Bingo at Home with Friends! screenshot 3iBingo Caller - Play Bingo at Home with Friends! screenshot 4iBingo Caller - Play Bingo at Home with Friends! screenshot 5

Version History

Launched Jan 18, 2011 (over 8 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 7 months, on average.

May 03
Version 1.8

- Added an option to stop the animated balls on the home screen. If you want the balls to be animated, you will need to enable the option in the settings.
- Increased the size of the in-game toolbar buttons

Jul 18
Version 1.7

A massive update! iOS 7 support, TTS calling (iOS 7+) and "Letter then Number" style calls too!

Also fixed a few graphical issues and bugs too...

Mar 05
Version 1.6

- Tweaks to the "More Games" section
- Added Flurry analytics

Feb 20
Version 1.5

- Added a link to the "More Games" section on the start menu.

Feb 14
Version 1.4

- Manual advance button now disabled until the current bingo call has completed
- After a full bingo game, the final ball is removed correctly
- Renamed the option to only call the numbers

Oct 16
Version 1.3

- Heyzap Integration
- Background Image
- Button style changes

Sep 15
Version 1.2

- Now includes three voice packs
- Manual advance mode
- Option to prevent screen dimming during a game of Bingo
- Option to play short voice samples (numbers only)
- Nicer looking buttons

Feb 15
Version 1.1

- Removed TTS engine
- Replaced it with UK English Male voice pack
- New UK English Female voice pack available for in-app purchase
- Fixed an issue with stopping the bingo game

Jan 19
Version 1.0

Previous 3 versions

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