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More Grillin' lets you grill up your favorite foods virtually, with no mess and no chance of getting burned. From Maverick Software, creators of the most popular food games in the App Store, including Cupcakes!, More Cookies!, and More Toast!

Hear the sizzle and watch the flames dance, while you flip your food to cook it, then dress it up with dozens of sauces, toppings, side dishes and desserts. All with sharpest graphics (including iPad & Retina Display support) ever! Share your food with friends, save photos to your photo album, and even eat it by taking virtual bites.

More Grillin' features:

- Fully universal with native resolution on iPhone/iPod Touch, iPad, Retina Display and tall iPhone 5.
- 27 kinds of food to grill (hamburgers, hot dogs, bratwurst, chicken, steak, veggie burgers, shrimp kabobs, ribs, corn on the cob, pork chops, veggie & steak kabobs, salmon, pineapple, and more). Grill from rare to well done.
- 14 sauces/condiments to add to your food, everything from ketchup, mayo, mustard, and relish to hot sauce, salsa, steak sauce, and more.
- 23 toppings, like american & swiss cheese slices, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, onions, mushrooms, jalapenos, avocado, and more.
- Multiple kinds of buns and bread (plain, sesame, wheat, hot dog, bread, texas toast, rolls).
- 22 side dishes - french fries, onion rings, coleslaw, potato salad, baked beans, potato chips, watermelon, baked potatoes, cheese puffs, and more.
- 18 kinds of desserts (apple & cherry pie, brownies, ice cream, chocolate cake, and more).
- 17 plates and 11 tablecloths.
- Customize your grill in 11 colors.
- Supports all iPad orientations.
- A built-in grill-o-meter to keep track of how much you've cooked, with a worldwide leaderboard to see who the best grillers are.
- Share your food via email, Facebook, or save to your photo albums.

And just like our other apps, we'll be adding more! Post a review with your requests, and you never know, our next free update might have your favorite food!

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Version History

Launched Aug 16, 2010 (about 10 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 7 months, on average.

Nov 15
Version 1.7

- Fix for multiple items showing up in food prep list
- iOS 8 bug fixes
- Larger, easier to hit buttons

Dec 20
Version 1.6

- Christmas lights you can put on your grill to celebrate the holidays! Tap 'Settings' on the main screen and change the grill color to add lights.
- More toppings and sauces! Red peppers, sprouts, honey mustard and sour cream.

Jun 20
Version 1.5

- 5 new mystery-themed achievements to celebrate our new app, Cupcake Detective!
- Bug fixes

Mar 15
Version 1.4

• Support for taller screens on the iPhone 5 and newer iPod Touches.
• 8 new plate designs!
• 5 new tablecloths.
• "My Apps" page now automatically updates to show new Maverick apps.

Jul 25
Version 1.3

- Even more food to grill! Turkey legs, ham, tofu, chicken & beef fajitas, asparagus & tomatoes.
- New sides & desserts - cranberry sauce, applesauce, curly fries, pickle spears, key lime pie, lemon meringue pie, carrot cake and pumpkin pie!
- 3 new grill colors (orange, forest green, turquiose).
- New toppings and breads - fried eggs, cucumbers, green & black olives, pepper jack cheese, wheat bread, three kinds of tortillas.
- Achievements! Earn 20 different goals by finding secrets & making food.

NEWS: Check our latest food app, More Snow Cones!

Jan 20
Version 1.2

- More food to grill! Turkey burgers, t-bone steaks, chicken wings and eggplant.
- More toppings & sauces! Shredded lettuce, guacamole, blue cheese crumbles and cream gravy.
- New sides & desserts - biscuits, potato wedges, cornbread, red & green jello, strawberry & chocolate cheesecake.
- Marshmallows, graham crackers & chocolate bars to make s'mores!
- Options for multiple-undo and turning off flipping
- Easier to select & flip food on the grill.
- Game Center for worldwide rankings.

Sep 10
Version 1.1

You asked for more, so we've added all kinds of goodies!

- More food to grill! Ribs, corn on the cob, pork chops, pineapple, steak kabobs, veggie kabobs, and salmon
- New sauces (gravy, chili, teriyaki), bread (texas toast, rolls), and toppings (shredded cheese, salt & pepper)
- More sides! Mashed potatoes, rice, deviled eggs, macaroni & cheese, and macaroni salad
- Desserts! Apple & cherry pie, strawberry shortcake, brownies, chocolate cake, and ice cream (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry)
- Bigger plates & an option to put sauce anywhere you want

Aug 16
Version 1.0

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