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***** 2011 Parents’ Choice Recommended Award winner - Parents’ Choice Foundation *****

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One of "Our Favorite iPhone Apps for Kids"
Marthastewart.com - 08/20/2010

"Cookie Doodle is a great value, with hours of entertainment and learning"
Examiner.com - 10/20/2010

"The App is intuitive to use the moment you launch it and it won’t be long before you create your first cookie master piece."
Crowdedbrain - Tech News & Reviews - 05/21/2010

"Cookie Doodle is an app for iPhone and iPad which allows kids to recreate the cookie making process in a fun, innovative way. "
DadAesthetic.com - 11/05/2010


If you enjoy making cookies but hate the mess, this is the app for you. We provide the dough, a rolling pin, cookie cutters, your choice of frostings, sprinkles, and candies all in one easy to use package.

Package includes:

* 204 Cookie Cutters
* 24 Make your own cookie dough recipes
* 21 Instant cookie dough flavors
* Photo cookie dough
* 60 different sprinkles
* 85 candy toppings

Comes complete with a super-deluxe rolling pin that allows you to roll out the perfect dough every time. Our vintage oven bakes flawlessly, never burning a single cookie. After baking, choose a frosting to spread or pipe on and then add sprinkles to finish.

When your creation is complete, devour it, send it to your friends and family, or save it to your photo album.

Can’t you almost taste the cookies now?

Nutrition Facts:

Calories ------------------ 0
Total Fat ----------------- 0 g
Cholesterol --------------- 0 g
Carbohydrates ------------- 0 g
Protein ------------------- 0 g

Fun and educational. Helps develop:

* Fine Motor Skills: Making the dough includes activities that help develop fine motor skills: tapping, pinching, tilting, twisting, shaking, and stirring.
* Sequencing: Each recipe has a variety of sequential steps required to make a cookie.  Each recipe is slightly different, with some more complex than others.
* Reading and pre-reading: The ingredients text and images are on the same screen. As ingredients are added, they are checked off to assist with word-picture association.
* Artistic Creativity: Explore color, shape, and  design. 

SUPPORT: For any technical issues, please visit www.shoethegoose.com/Support.aspx. We will respond as quickly as possible. Thank you!

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Version History

Launched Dec 04, 2009 (over 9 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Dec 11
Version 2.30

New Monkey Cookie Cutter
New 2018 Cookie Cutter

Feb 07
Version 2.29

Update for iOS 10
New 2017 Cookie Cutter

May 01
Version 2.28

Update for iOS 8, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus

Mar 21
Version 2.27

You can now change the puzzle difficulty in the options menu.

New Cookie Cutters:

* Monster Truck
* Mustache
* Dump Truck
* Airplane

**** NEWS: We have a new app! Monster Truck Doodle ****

Dec 29
Version 2.26

New 2014 cookie cutter added

Nov 01
Version 2.25

Minor update

Oct 11
Version 2.24

* Update for IOS 7

Aug 26
Version 2.23

Minor changes

**** News: We have a new app - Cupcake Doodle ****

Feb 01
Version 2.22

Added new cookie cutter

Jan 11
Version 2.21

* Fixed issue where previous cookie restricted frosting.
* More candies: squiggles and gummy wedges.
* New cookie cutters: peacock, chinchilla, angel fish, and love bird

Dec 14
Version 2.20

New Year 2013 Cookie Cutter

More Candies:

Several new candies including gumdrops and gummy swirls.

*** Other News ***

Check out our new apps:

* Gingerbread Doodle
* Snow Doodle

Nov 05
Version 2.19.2

Fixed iPad iOS 6 problem where ingredients could not be poured when rotation was not locked.

NEWS: We have a new app! Mask Doodle

Oct 08
Version 2.19.1

1) Added compatibility with the new iPhone 5's taller screen

2) Fixed bug on new iPads running iOS6 where only half of the cookie could be frosted after eating.

Aug 17
Version 2.19

Jigsaw Puzzle:

You can now turn your cookies into a jigsaw puzzle.

Color Wheel:

The color wheel is an easier way to select custom colors. Drag you finger on the wheel to change the color.

**** NEWS: We have a new app! Shoe Doodle ****

May 10
Version 2.18

Updated for compatibility with new Retina display iPad.

**** NEWS: We have a new app! Donut Doodle

Dec 22
Version 2.17

New cookie cutters and sprinkles.

New cookie cutters:

* New Year 2012
* Moose
* Bird
* Snowman


Confetti sprinkles - eleven single color plus rainbow

**** NEWS: We have a new app! Caboodle Doodle ****

Aug 15
Version 2.16

More cookie cutters, recipes, and a new photo tool

New cookie cutters:

* Schoolhouse
* School bus
* Pencil
* Double stick popsicle

New Recipes:

* Orange Lunchbox
* Chocolate Raspberry
* Cranberry Orange
* Salted Peanut

Photo Tool:

You can now select a photo or a portion of a photo to decorate your cake. The photo can be scaled to three different sizes, and placed anywhere on the cake.

NEWS: We have a new app: Icebox Doodle

Jun 04
Version 2.15

A treasure chest, more prizes, 3D frosting settings are now saved, and seven more cookie cutters.

Treasure chest:

The treasure chest keeps track of all the prizes found under the cookies

New Cookie Cutters

* Palm Tree
* T-Shirt
* Whale
* Seahorse
* Sand Castle
* Seashell
* Swim Trunks

NEWS: We have a new app: Tie Dye Doodle

Apr 25
Version 2.14

Eight more cookie cutters.

New Cookie Cutters

* Sheriff's Badge
* Sun
* Hamburger
* Popsicle
* Text Bubble
* Bee
* Dragonfly

Mar 18
Version 2.13

More cookie cutters, plate, and tablecloth.

New Cookie Cutters

* Chick in Egg
* Giraffe
* Teddy Bear
* Pig
* Kangaroo
* Goose
* Bow
* Puppy

Feb 15
Version 2.12

More recipes, cookie cutters, updated text tool, and prizes.

New Recipes:

* Mint Sugar Cookie
* Mint and chip
* Irish Gingersnap
* Irish Soda Bread Cookie
* Orange Sugar Cookie
* Oatmeal Chip

New Cookie Cutters

* Leprechaun
* Ribbon

Text Tool Update

You can now select the font when typing


Prizes randomly appear under the cookie when eating (sometimes no prize). The prizes are based on the current holiday. More will be added with each holiday. (This feature can be disabled on the settings page)

Jan 13
Version 2.11

More cookie cutters, more candy, and a new text tool.

New Text tool:

You can now type text using the current frosting color.

New Cookie Cutters

* scalloped heart
* Heart with cut-out

New Candies:
* Sweethearts
* peace signs

Dec 20
Version 2.10

Fixes the hidden cookie jar button with version 2.09. If you did not get version 2.09, there are
eight more recipes, more interactivity, and a 2011 cookie cutter.

New Recipes:
* Chocolate Chip
* Peanut Butter
* Snickerdoodle
* Strawberry
* Lemon
* Oatmeal
* Red Velvet
* Shortbread

More Interactivity:
* Measuring spoons for adding cinnamon, ginger, baking soda, and nutmeg
* Sifter for adding flour

NEWS: We have a new app - 'Candy Kitchen'

Dec 16
Version 2.09

Eight more recipes, more interactivity, and a 2011 cookie cutter.

New Recipes:
* Chocolate Chip
* Peanut Butter
* Snickerdoodle
* Strawberry
* Lemon
* Oatmeal
* Red Velvet
* Shortbread

More Interactivity:
* Measuring spoons for adding cinnamon, ginger, baking soda, and nutmeg
* Sifter for adding flour

*** NEWS: We have a new app - Candy Kitchen ***

Dec 08
Version 2.08

Corrected ingredient image sizes for iPads running iOS 4.2

Nov 24
Version 2.07

More more cookie cutters, candy, backgrounds, and a new recipe

Cookie Cutters:

* Gingerbread Man
* Christmas Bell
* Mitten
* Christmas Ornament
* Christmas Star
* Reindeer
* Christmas Bulb

Nov 01
Version 2.06

High resolution images and support for Retina Display. More recipes, more cookie cutters, and more candy.

New Recipes:

* Autumn Maple
* Pecan Shortbread

Cookie Cutters:

* Turkey
* Squirrel
* Pumpkin in wheelbarrow
* Acorn
* Pilgrim hat
* Ear of corn
* Maple leaf


You can now disable e-mail from the settings app instead of inside Cookie Doodle.

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