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The original coin-in-phone magic trick is back and better than ever! Over 25k sold worldwide!

Illusion: Appear to rub a coin into your iPhone screen and then get it back again.

Now featuring:
* Free test-drive version
* Many new coins from around the world
* Add your own coin!
* New magic mode for pulling a coin out of the screen
* Step-by-step video showing how to do 5 amazing tricks with this app
* 3 bonus videos show how to do some non-iPhone related magic tricks
* New updated retina quality graphics
* Even more pre-packaged coins

Marty's Magic Coin is fun and simple to perform. Anyone can do it with just a few minutes practice. Detailed step-by-step videos are included to guide you from beginner to master. Best
of all, this trick is always with you and ready to go at a moments notice!

Basic Performance:
The performer asks for a quarter from the audience, and then **rubs it into the iPhone screen**, and shows that the coin is now inside the phone by letting the coin roll around the inside edges and letting it fall from one edge to the other. Finally, the performer shakes the iPhone and the coin falls out onto the table.

Advanced Performance:
After rubbing the coin into the iPhone, the performer **pulls the coin right out of the screen**.

Carrot Performance:
The performer cuts a carrot slice and rubs it into the iPhone. It's then shaken out of the phone and eaten. Of course, after being in the iPhone it now tastes a little metallic ;-)

What's included in the full version:
- The Marty's Magic Coin program
- Complete video showing you step-by-step how to perform 5 separate tricks
- 3 bonus videos showing how to do other fun magic tricks
- Additional text instructions
- Choice of 32 coin types from around the world and a carrot slice
- Ability to choose your desktop as the background

For iPod Touch users: You can do everything listed above, except you cannot use the camera on some older models.

iOS Store Category:

Primary: Entertainment

Secondary: Family

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Version History

Launched Nov 04, 2008 (over 11 years ago).

Releasing new versions every over 1 year, on average.

Jun 17
Version 2.7

Updates and fixes for new iOS versions

Jan 08
Version 2.1

Updated to work with iOS 8. Optimized for iPhone 6 and 6 plus!

Feb 18
Version 2.0

BIG update!

- New coins added
- Make your own coin
- Updated video and text instructions show how to do 5 tricks
- 3 bonus videos show how to do some non-iPhone related magic tricks
- Triple tap to return to the main menu from magic mode
- Retina display support
- Multi-tasking support
- New icon and improved graphics

Feb 16
Version 1.4

Added Japanese 10 and 500 yuan, 2 Euro, and French 10 Franc.

Aug 19
Version 1.3

To celebrate the release of my new magic trick "Marty's Psypic", I've added sound to Marty's Coin! Also, some new coins:

- Thai 10 Baht
- Philippine 1 Peso
- Malaysian 50 RM
- 1 Hong Kong Dollar
- Chinese 1 Yuan

Please email me if I missed your country! I should be in a better position to upload new updates regularly now.

Nov 16
Version 1.0.2

* Australian 20 cent
* Korean 100 and 500 Won
* Brazilian 1 Real
* Mexican 1 Peso
* Canadian Toonie
* US Morgan Dollar
* US Half Dollar

Nov 12
Version 1.0.1

Nov 04
Version 1.0.0

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