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Welcome to the cute world of toys - Squishy. You have to collect the entire collection of cute soft DIY toys. If you like to unpack surprise eggs, then you will get great pleasure from unpacking a sweet box with a 3D toy inside.

A large collection of action figures is waiting for you with popular characters such as one-horned, hamburger cat, squishy donut, strawberry and many others.

After you unpack the box, you can play with the toy. Squeeze, crush, stretch it, and then watch it regain its original shape. Also, you can customize the physics of pressing the toy yourself to get more pleasure from interacting with the game.

The game also has two lighting modes, day and night. Our cute squishy toys can glow! The effect is similar to neon. Cool squishy magic effect. The game Can be used as a night lamp to relax while falling asleep or just enjoy a pleasant glow.

Feel complete peace of mind with our anti-stress game, get rid of anxiety, just sit back and relax.

- Large collection of toys
- Realistic squishy simulator, ​​physics of behavior, like a real toy
- Control of physics of pressing, deformation and recovery
- Unpacking mode
- Glow in the dark
- Nice realistic squeeze sounds ASMR

What is squishy?
Squishy are soft and pleasant to the touch toys that are designed to be wrinkled in your hands. These toys come in different shapes and sizes: they come in the form of different figures, characters and objects. Once crumpled in the hand, they quickly return to their original shape and retain their attractive appearance for a long time.
Squishies are also popularly called antistress - this is due to the fact that they are very soft and pleasant to the touch.
When an adult or a child crumples such a toy in his hands, he gets incomparable pleasure. Such actions have a positive effect on the development of fine motor skills of the fingers, and the presence of objects with such a consistency in the hands soothes, allows you to completely relax, get rid of negative thoughts and relieve nervous tension and fatigue after school, a working day.

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Launched Oct 09, 2020 (4 months ago).
Oct 09
Version 1.0