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Own your own beauty spa salon and give all your customers a relaxing and fun time! This makeover beauty game allows you to easily give your customers an all round makeover treatment with make-up, a manicure, a pedicure and more! Here you can wax your customers face, shave her legs, pop her pimples, massage her back, decorate and accessorize her toe nails, finger nails, legs and arms, while completing the look by applying her makeup to make her look stunningly radiant. Be the best spa salon owner today and work your magic with this beauty salon makeover game while having lots of fun!


WAX your customers face to remove any hair around the mouth and nose

PLUCK her eyebrows to make them neat and tidy

APPLY shaving cream to your customer's legs and shave the hair off before rinsing her legs to make her skin silky and smooth

WASH and rinse her face clean ready for pimple popping

POP the pimples and add a moisturizing mask to make her skin nice and smooth!

APPLY massage oil and moisturizer to her back and massage all the tight muscles before rinsing her off

PLACE the massage stones onto her back in a line to release any stress from the day

DECORATE, accessorize and color her finger nails, hands, toe nails, and legs while giving her a lovely manicure and pedicure

COMPLETE her look by changing her eye color and applying makeup including lipstick, blush, eyeliner, eye-shadow, and eyelash color

EARN money to unlock cosmetics

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Version History

Launched Jan 24, 2020 (8 months ago).
Apr 03
Version 1.1

+ Minor Bug fix
+ SDKs updated
+ Support more foreign languages

Jan 31
Version 1.0.1

+ Fixed small issue
+ Support more languages

Jan 24
Version 1.0