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Come and know a game where you can take care of various virtual pets! Build your house to be a cozy home for many pets!

Pet Idle is a simulator where you need to take care of various needs that your pet will demand, such as food, thirst, sleep, bath, walks and games.

Give all your love and attention to your beloved pets, be it a dog or cat. Your pet will gain levels of experience as he has a good life and will learn several tricks: Sitting, rolling, jumping and much more! The happier your pet, the more money you make!

Build, expand and decorate your home, so you can have more and more pets! They will interact with each other, each with different personalities that will affect living together.

With Pet Idle you have amazing mechanisms:

● Pets needs system (hunger, thirst, sleep, hygiene, walking and fun).
● 8 different pet types, dogs and cats of many different breeds.
● Each Pet has a unique personality that affects game play.
● Edit the color of each Pet.
● Build and expand the house to accommodate more pets.
● Many feature furniture: bowls, beds, tubs and toys.
● Decorate the interior of your house to become a beautiful and unique.
● Teach amazing skills: Sit, jump, run, roll and more.
● Use robots and drones to help you care for your pets.

Come and create an ever better environment for your pets and show everyone how great a caregiver you are!

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Version History

Launched Dec 14, 2019 (about 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every 23 days, on average.

Dec 22
Version 1.69

Bugs Fixed.

Dec 19
Version 1.67

We are proud to present one of the biggest Pet idle updates!

In this major update we present you the new class of legendary pets:
- Kitsune and Unicorn.

And the famous:
- St Bernard.

New game mechanics will also be present:

- Individual pet happiness system;

- Double reward;

- Rarities of pets;

- Collection list;

- Adoption system;

- Bugs fixed.

We can not forget:
- The so-called drone to fill food and water bowl is present in this update too!

Alphaquest is always running against the clock and working hard to always meet the requests of our users.

Your fun is our mission.

Oct 19
Version 1.60

Update 1.60: Halloween!

New Wizard's Cat!
3 new furnitures (Table Pumpkin, Skeleton, Outside Pumpkin)!
New Dracula's Bed.
New Pumpkin Toy.

Bugs Fixed.

Sep 28
Version 1.50

Update 1.5 - Collectibles!

Catch rare insects with your net or catch fish with your fishing rod.
Now your pets dig their garden looking for relics!

Update content:
30 insects.
32 fish.
30 relics.
2 new furniture: Strawberry cake table, Pink Gold Floor.
Princess bed.
Bugs Fixed.

Jul 30
Version 1.40

The biggest update so far: GARDEN !!
- Take your pets for a walk outside your home in a new environment.
- Plant several fruit trees, also create a vegetable garden.
- Each fruit / vegetable has a specific bonus to improve your pets.
- Edit your garden with a wide variety of land, ponds and furniture.
- Take care of all your plants to keep them alive and bearing fruit.

May 30
Version 1.24

Major Update 1.24 scheduled for 05/29:

- New pet, Pug dog.
- Better performance, the game does not crash (lagging) in very large houses.
- General management system for all pets, on this screen you can monitor the performance of all pets, life and level, all in a single layout.
- Hotel system, where you can leave a pet absent from your home, without lose it.
- Messaging and news system with the new mailbox.
- Construction mode to facilitate positioning of furniture, without affecting its gameplay.
- Translations for Russian and Italian.
- New system of decorating walls.

May 02
Version 1.17

Whats New?

- 14 fornitures with a space theme:
* Astro TV;
* Astro Cauch;
* Astro Armchair;
* Star Map Table;
* Stellar Bed Pillows;
* Rocket Bed;
* Saturn Lighting;
* Spyglass;
* Lunar Crater;
* Blue Galaxy Floor;
* Pink Galaxy Floor;
* Fancy Galaxy Floor;
* Shooting Star Toy;
* Moon Toy.

- General reporting system when you return to the game.

- Now pets stop dying, in fact they are just stunned for a while.

- System in which the player can recover all stunned pets by paying only a discounted amount.

- Bugs fixed.

Apr 13
Version 1.15

Easter Update:
- New pet: the BUNNY!
- Carrot Skin for your Toys;
- Bugs fixed.

Apr 07
Version 1.14

We released an update to our beloved Pet Idle today:
- Improved the performance of the game in large houses with many pets;
- We gave a greater care to the arts of the furniture store and the social tab;
- Now you have an animated loading screen for player visits.
- 10 new furniture: Arcade, Pinball, Pool Table, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, PC, PC gamer, office chair and gamer chair;
- Price adjustment to acquire a new area to your home;
- Many bugs fixed.

Mar 18
Version 1.12

- St. Patrick`s day is here!
New themed bathtub skin!
- New Toy football!
- Leaderboards and Achievements buttons temporarily disabled. Our team is investigating an unexpected behaviour within their functionalities.
- Bugs Fixed

Mar 10
Version 1.11

- There was a critical bug with the Panda that was bothering our players. With this update we fixed this, and we also want to take the opportunity to apologize to everybody that had your in-game experience affected with that.

- Create your own soccer field and score goals with your pet! NEW Furniture - Goal!

Feb 29
Version 1.10

- Big eyes, pointy ears and a sharp face: this is Sphynx, a unique cat!
- You can now visit your best friends' houses! Be sure to pet their pets.
- New USA-themed couch.
- New wooden floor.
- General bug fixes.

Feb 22
Version 1.07

Bugs Fixed

Feb 18
Version 1.06

General bugs fixed

Feb 11
Version 1.05

New daily rewards:
- Play Pet Idle everyday and earn unique rewards, including:
- New Pet PANDA!
- New Toy Donut!
- Among other special prizes, like gem packs and drones!

Interactions with pet:
- Pet your pet, he will love it!
- Watch your pet resting on a couch.
- Dogs get distracted with tvs and cats with aquariums.

Dec 22
Version 1.02

Christmas Update!
New Furnitures.
Bugs Fixed.

Dec 14
Version 1.0

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