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#Welcome event in progress!
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▶ Grow your small entertainment agency into a global TOP agency!
You are the BOSS who will choose a girl group or boy group to grow own agency.

▶The basic contract period with IDOLs is five years. Please make them into TOP IDOLs.
Of course, you can renew your contract after five years.

▶Make a recording through PRODUCING! If you choose a favorite theme for the public,
the number of records sales, music streaming and YouTube views will increase!
Of course, there may be a lot of album purchases among fans.

▶Get popular through the SCHEDULE! As you become more popular,
you will receive a variety of schedule exceptions!

▶Every Idol's Dream! Take the World Tour!
The chance to win a jackpot is only in CONCERT! Let's watch the fans with their light stick!

▶Auditions and idol’s home are being updated! Please be looking forward for it!

#Event is always in progress on #SNS. Please come!
#Please let me know immediately about any questions regarding bugs. Thank you.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Monthly_idol
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/608factory/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/608factory/

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Version History

Launched Aug 25, 2018 (about 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 6 days, on average.

Sep 26
Version 14.6

-Check the New October Coupon on official twitter and instagram
-Add 12 new costumes
-Fixed some bugs

Sep 13
Version 14.5

-Add 14 new costumes
-New Bingo Item
-Fixed some bugs

Aug 29
Version 14.4

-Happy 2nd Anniversary of MonthlyIdol!
Get 222 Emeralds at mail
-Add 13 new costumes
-Fixed some bugs

Aug 16
Version 14.3

-Add new bingo event item
-Add 17 new costumes
-Fixed some bugs

Aug 04
Version 14.2

-Correct image errors

Aug 01
Version 14.1

AUGUST coupon!
-Get coupon at official social media
-Game stabilization

Jul 26
Version 14.0

-Add 16 new costumes
-Fixed some bugs

Jul 10
Version 13.9

-Special costume event
You can exchange costumes by watermelons.
-Add 13 new costumes
-UI Renewal

Jun 26
Version 13.8

-Add 22 new costumes
-Add new bingo items
-Improve UI

Jun 13
Version 13.7

-Special costume event
You can exchange costumes by watermelons.
-Add 14 new costumes
-Fixed all costume event costumes (limited items excluded)

May 30
Version 13.6

-Get coupon at official social media
-JUNE coupon!
Get 120Emeralds
Get 200 Apples
Get 200Gemstones
Get 200 Pinkstones

May 22
Version 13.5

-Add a new costume
-Add a new bingo item
-Last cherry blossom event!
Let's gather cherry blossoms and exchange them for rare items!

May 15
Version 13.4

-Bug fixes that end the game when you enter a cache shop
-Fixed bugs

May 08
Version 13.3

-Add 14 new costumes
-Add new bingo items
-Emerald Acquisition Event Start!

Apr 25
Version 13.2

-Add 10 new Costumes
-Add 8 spring event costumes
-Get May Coupons from Café and Twitter!
-Bug fixes

Apr 10
Version 13.1

-New binggo event silver crown hair item!
-Added 18New hairs and 18 New clothing costumes
-Fixed other bugs

Mar 31
Version 13.0

-You can get April coupons at Official SNS
(120Emeralds + 200Gemstones + Pink ribbon special hair)
-Spring event started!
Collect spring flowers and complete new costume sets!
-Added New 10hairs & 10 clothes
-Added New binggo event special item
-Fixed some bugs

Mar 06
Version 12.9

-Add 16 new costumes
-Add a new bingo item

Feb 27
Version 12.8

-Get a new March coupon!
-Correcting bugs

Feb 21
Version 12.7

-Sprouts event started!
Can get hair&clothes items or trainees by sprouts!
-Added 10New hairs and 10 New clothing costumes
-Fixed other bugs

Feb 11
Version 12.6

-Modify chocolate event bugs

Feb 10
Version 12.5

-Fixed Event Bugs

Feb 07
Version 12.4

-Valentine event!
Get limited valentine itmes!
You can exchange items by chocolate from fans at schedules
-Added 10New hairs and 10 New clothing costumes
-Fixed other bugs

Feb 04
Version 12.3

-Revise the error in the dress room
-Correcting other bugs

Jan 31
Version 12.2

-Added 2020's Mouse costume set
-You can get February coupons at Official SNS
(250 Emeralds&rare hair set)

Jan 24
Version 12.1

-Correct special item errors

Jan 23
Version 12.0

-Starting a lucky bag event
You can exchange the costume items you want with your lucky bags.
-Special item store open!
Get special items you haven’t got yet!
-Added new 10 hairs and 10 clothes!

Jan 09
Version 11.9

-Added NEW binggo event hair item
-Added NEW 10 costumes
-Fixed other bugs

Dec 30
Version 11.8

-you can get 2020 gemstones & mouse hat coupon at official SNS
-Add 10 new types of costume
-Modified other bugs

Dec 19
Version 11.7

Welcome to Christmas event
-11 more Christmas Special rare Items
-Added 6 kinds of Christmas costumes
-Add a new Bingo item

Dec 09
Version 11.6

-Correct errors in event clothing
-Modify other bugs

Dec 07
Version 11.5

-Added NEW binggo event hair item
-Added NEW 10 costumes
-Added NEW 5 winter event special items
-Fixed other bugs

Nov 30
Version 11.4

Get December coupons from cafes and Twitter!
-Modify other bugs

Nov 25
Version 11.3

-Add 10 new types of costume
-Modify other bug

Nov 15
Version 11.2

-Fixed the Solo schedule bug
- Gemstone gift for the completion of the CSAT in Korea 
(please check in the mailbox)

Nov 08
Version 11.1

-Added emerald trees
-Add 10 new types of costume
-Add a new bingo item
-Modify other bug

Oct 29
Version 11.0

-Modify hair/clothing bug
-Correcting the Snow Purchase bug
200snow as a reward for bugs

Oct 25
Version 10.9

-Winter event start!
Get the winter limited special costume set by snow crystals!
-Take a floating ghost and get a variety of wealth!
-Add 11 new costumes!
- Fix the fancy shop
Can get same gender items with selected group
-If you log on now, you'll get 50 emeralds!

Oct 18
Version 10.8

-Added Bingo event pineapple special hair item
-Correcting errors in the display of duplicated items in the fancy shop
-Correcting visualization MC of award schedule errors
-Modify Other bug

Oct 15
Version 10.7

-Modify item bug
-Other bug fixes

Oct 11
Version 10.6

-Add 10 new types of costume
-Other bug fixes

Oct 01
Version 10.5

-Other bug fixes

Oct 01
Version 10.4

-Added apple tree inapp
-Other bug fixes

Sep 27
Version 10.3

3/3 update
- The agency concert OPEN!
- Adding mixed Group Functions
- Adding disband group function
-Inventory Upgrade
-Fancy Shop Upgrade
-Upgrading a food shop
-Add 10 new types of costume
-Add a new Quest Special Hair

Sep 08
Version 10.2

The 1st Anniversary of the Monthly Idol
2/3 update
-Starting Autumn & Chuseok Events!
Add 6 New Special Costumes
Add 10 new costumes
-Add Bingo event new special item
-Modify Other bugs

Aug 31
Version 10.1

The 1st Anniversary of the Monthly Idol
2/3 update
-Add Talk Box
-Correcting errors in selling the goods of concert
-Correcting errors of light stick
-Modifying errors of flower circlet
-Modifying the schedule bug
-Other bug fixes

Aug 27
Version 10.0

-Modify an Idol Array bug

Aug 24
Version 9.9

The 1st Anniversary of the Monthly Idol
The 1/3 Update
-Add position, character, and leader settings
-Add PPrank of album production, member ability and fan rank
-Add 10 new types of Costume
-Add special hair items for summer events
-Add new special hair items for Quest events

Aug 15
Version 9.8

-Modify Tutorial Bug

Aug 12
Version 9.7

-Correcting total album sales error
-Revise the bug where the clothes appear in the dress room
-Other bug fixes

Aug 08
Version 9.6

-The summer season event!
Get the watermelons and get the summer season costumes!
-Congrats 1 Million Download on Google Play store! Get Android Special hair Gift!
-Add 12 more costumes in costume contest shop!
-Add 10 new types of Costume!

Jul 25
Version 9.5

-Emerald Shop OPEN!
-Special Baby Shart package is released
-Added 10 New costume sets
-NEW August coupon! Check it out on Officail SNS

Jul 16
Version 9.4

-Modify clothing purchasing bug

Jul 11
Version 9.3

-Emerald Exchange System bug fixes

Jul 10
Version 9.2

-Modifying the bug at the Idol Field Day

Jul 10
Version 9.1

- Announce the final selection for the costume contest!
Check out the best costume!
-Adjusting the selling price of Concert Goods
-Emeralds can be purchased with money.
-A limited costume can be purchased with emeralds
-Exchange building materials with apples
-Correct store bug

Jul 02
Version 9.0

-The Costume Contest
Vote for your costume!
Please check the notice in the game!
-Modify Other bug

Jun 27
Version 8.9

-Add July coupon!
Get an apple tree and emeralds!
(Check coupons on official SNS)
-Add 10 new types of Costume
-Modify Other bug

Jun 21
Version 8.8

-Modifying the unit of money
-Correcting incorrect spellings
-Modify Other bugs

Jun 17
Version 8.7

-Add new 10 costumes set
-New event started
-Modified other bugs

Jun 11
Version 8.6

-Correct iPhone error

Jun 07
Version 8.5

-Bug fixes where concert passion is reduced twice
-Add a costume event
-Add Twitter 30K Paler Costume
-Modify the bug associated with updating iPhone

Jun 06
Version 8.4

-Fix errors that do not appear to idol

Jun 05
Version 8.3

-Add new events
-Add 2 upper levels of the concert
-Add rewards of new concert clear
-Add 10 new types of Costume
-Modify downtown bugs
-Modify money unit bugs

May 31
Version 8.2

-Update June coupon!
Take the emeralds and apples!
-Modify Other bugs

May 23
Version 8.1

-Modify Title
-Fixed other bugs

May 22
Version 8.0

-Add 6 new types of Costume
-Modify Other bugs

May 17
Version 7.9

-Fixed other bugs

May 10
Version 7.8

-Add 6 new costumes
-Add Producing 35 of drop-off function
-Change reward of the award ceremony from
Gemstones to emeralds.
-Modify Other bug

May 01
Version 7.7

-Check the May Coupon on official Twitter!
-The official Twitter followers are over 20,000!
We'll give you a blue ribbon to celebrate
(Please check coupon on the official Twitter. @Monthly_idol)
-Add new Costumes
-Modify Other bugs

Apr 30
Version 7.6

-Downtown OPEN!
-You can cast 6 new trainees (SS~P rank).
-P rank trainee added!
-Become a Casting Director and do streetcasting.
-Modified other bugs

Apr 10
Version 7.5

-Add content for outdoor advertising
-Modify other bugs

Apr 02
Version 7.4

-Reward for 3million downloads! Get crown special item!
-Modify Other Bugs

Mar 30
Version 7.3

-Atrium Open!
- Start the Emerald Event!
You can get 2 emeralds per 10 minutes of game play.
-Check out your April coupon at the official twitter!
Get 150 emeralds + new special hair!
-You can purchase animal costume sets by emeralds now.
-You can see Trophy and history up to 50 history.
-Modify the sexy point bug of the latest man's clothes.

Mar 14
Version 7.2

-New costumes!
-Renewal of all trainees
-Now building Downtown and Atrium

Mar 08
Version 7.1

-Official Twitter 10K follower event!
Visit our official monthly Idol Twitter and check out our limited blue bird hair coupon!
-Renew all hair items.
- Apples exchange function added at city (from building materials to apples)
-Modify the king of mask balance.
-Modify other bugs

Mar 06
Version 7.0

-The King of mask Balance, Sound effect fixed.
-Girl Group hair renewal complete. Completed the renewal of the boy group’s Cool Concept hair
-Some trainees' hair renewal
- Fixed a bug that couldn't proceed during the tutorial.
- Fixed a bug in the trainee management window after the debut at producing35.

Mar 01
Version 6.9

-The kink of mask at Broadcasting Station OPEN!
-Girl’s Cute,Pretty concept Hair Renewals (Sexy concept is under Renewing now)
-The whole part of Producing35 has been fixed
-Please check the March Coupon at our official SNS

Feb 26
Version 6.8

-Hatban-cupban event end
-Girl’s Cool Concept Hair Renewals
-Other bug fixes

Feb 23
Version 6.7

-Auto-Clickbuff is applied on the Producing35.
-Can get differential bonus points to 5th place in the stage competition of producing35
-Increased reward to 2 billion Gold and 10 emeralds after debut of producing35
-Fixed a typing error and bugs

Feb 21
Version 6.6

-Producing 35 in broadcasting Open!
Now you can use a new content, a broadcasting station!
-Modify other bugs

Feb 01
Version 6.5

-Add Concert Space Tour
-Start Casting Probability Up Event
-Office Extension
-When solo group, support error and Idol field day error fixed.

Jan 25
Version 6.4

-Added new cute animal costume.
Gender free item
-Modified other bugs

Jan 16
Version 6.3

-Idol career bug emergency modification

Jan 15
Version 6.2

-Fixing bugs that wrong year text in group
-Modify Other Bugs

Jan 11
Version 6.1

-Limited sales of gold pig packages
-Add a popular movie to the public contest
-Updates the rooms (Inventory>Dress rooms)
You can see all the costume items and place them in various format.
Mixed group, mixed costume available
-Adjust the reward balance for the Idol field day

Jan 03
Version 6.0

-Add popular costumes of contest
Can purchase or buy by Golden Pig > Two Girl Group Sets
Can by at Fancy shop or get every 2 hours > Girl group and boy group set 1 each
- Fix the golden pig to pass slowly
-Revise Other Bugs

Dec 30
Version 5.9

-2019 Golden Pig Event start!
(the Christmas sleigh event is finished. The gift boxes you've been collected turn into golden pigs.)
-You can check out 2019 Gemstones + Random A rank trainee Coupon at official or SNS!
-Modify tutorial
-Revise Other Bug

Dec 21
Version 5.8

-Corrected the costume contest bug
-SNS bug fixes
-Modify snow effect bug
-Modify Other Bugs

Dec 16
Version 5.7

- Add Christmas Idol Home skin
Let's decorate your Idol Home with Santa's warm cavin!
- Adding a winning work in the costume contest
The winning work of the costume contest is available to purchase.
-Gather the gift boxes that Santa's sleigh gives and collect the gift points!
You can exchange gift points for winning work of costume contest.
- Add snow effect in winter
It snows from December to February. (Effect on/off available at setting)
- Modify Other Bugs

Dec 13
Version 5.6

-You can do Solo & Duet.
-Adjust manager at sudden event
-add more Thai language
-Inventory bug Modified
-SNS bug Modified

Dec 12
Version 5.5

-Increase the maximum price of concert tickets
-fixed passion bug after concert
-Added sales of Idolhome skin items
-Modify Manager Error at award

Dec 09
Version 5.4

-Fixed Inventory bug
-Fixed IdolHome Hp bug
-Fixed Iron, Brick, Apple bug

Dec 08
Version 5.3

-The city is open!
-Added six levels of office
-Add manager employment system
-Add a cafeteria (in six levels of office)

Dec 05
Version 5.2

-Modify money text bug
-Modify other bugs

Dec 04
Version 5.1

-Fixing bugs that did not show items more than 36 in the inventory
-Increase casting probability with Gemstone
-Modify background color
-Modify Other bug

Nov 30
Version 5.0

-When disband a group, Members will not disappear and return to the trainee.
-Sell Christmas costume

Nov 29
Version 4.9

-Add Blue theme costume set
-Add Christmas Costume event
-Add Hatban_Cupban event
-Other bug fixes

Nov 24
Version 4.8

-HatBan-Cupban Collaboration Event!
-Add black/yellow theme costume set
-First-time Hair Renewal
-SS-Rank Casting Renewal

Nov 21
Version 4.7

-Add 5 new hair and 5 new clothes.
-Add 3 types of starter package
-Add theme costume set
-Upgraded maximum hold money
-Modify the inventory landing bug
-Add Pinkstone Products

Nov 15
Version 4.6

-Modify Intensity Cloud save/road bug
-Can be dressed clothing/hair in duplicate.
-Add function that take off items at once
-Add RoomMate Reset Button
-Adding Idol Home Waikiki skins and furniture
-Modify Other bug

Nov 12
Version 4.5

-Up to 5 groups can be created
-Add 5 different types of wallpaper
-Revise pre-order bugs
-Modify Other bugs

Nov 10
Version 4.4

-Add new hair and costumes
-Add new Gemstone event
-Modify Other bug

Nov 07
Version 4.3

The Idol Home is Opened!
-From level 10 of the company level, you can use IdolHome.
-Get concept points by using furnitures.
-You can make roommates by each rooms.
-You can place a Pet now.
-Pet earns members' ability and Gemstones.
- Get support from fans at the schedule.
-Support can be used in Idol Home.
-You can raise concept points by using supports.
-Some support is available for 2 members and increases their intimacy.
-Members who has high intimacy can share rooms and bathrooms with other members.
-Decorate the interior of Idol Home!

Oct 25
Version 4.2

-Revise connection compensation event bugs
-Adjust bugs that reset dailyquest when Internet connection is lost

Oct 24
Version 4.1

-Fix casting after casting time
-Modify Gemstone Payment Bug after ending
-Revise the access compensation quest bug

Oct 24
Version 4.0

-Bug modification for incomplete idol's home

Oct 23
Version 3.9

-Start Harlowen Event
-Touching the ghost and get Gemstones!
-Add Halloween Costumes
-Add access reward quest
-Add hair, clothes book
-Add six times Continuous Casting
-Modify Other bug

Oct 17
Version 3.8

-Quest alert fixed
-Fix bug that expulsion event
-Modify Schedule Manager Count Bug
-Casting sound error correction

Oct 17
Version 3.7

-Remove training quests (e.g. by using otomaus, this can lead to unfair advantage)
-Limit upper limit of acquisition gemstone during quest
-Fixing bugs with duplicate members such as inventory, schedule, and quests
-Modifying a bug that album theme is not visible
-Modifying Fast casting speed when using SpeedBuff
-Modify the bugs that members sit at one side at fan-meeting.
-Remove Cool Time of Item gatcha, Price Increase
-Modify the topic so that it does not overlap
-Quest Balance Adjustment
-Other marks and bug fixes

Oct 14
Version 3.6

-Revise event errors
-Schedule ActivityBalanced
-Modify Other bug

Oct 13
Version 3.5

-Revise event-related bugs (out of members)
-Bug modification that reduces hair item's ability to load clouds (returns to re-load)
-some F Rank trainee information change
-Modify Otherbug

Oct 12
Version 3.4

-Modify the bugs that the same members appear in the idol group thumbnail.
-Remove attendance check
-When using time items, change to apply to training.
-Preferences - Add Game Initialization
-Modify Otherbug

Oct 10
Version 3.3

-Modified as drunk driving > Screaming
-Modify the fan shop cool time Bug
-Increase some event probability in case of lack of physical strength and passion
-Adding trainee alignment by rank
-Modify a bug that contains a lot of fancyshop duplicate items.
-Modify the fan so that it does not exceed its maximum value
-Modify the maximum number of fans remaining up to the next rank to zero.
-Reduced bugs that fail to pay the maximum sales value in the cloud lot.
-Remove the LV of each schedule
-Apply to time-buff concert.
-Modify unit of money bug
-Bug changes that occur when game ends during album sale.
-Revise event probability in case of lack of passion and stamina
-Modify Other bug

Oct 08
Version 3.2

-Changed to 0.5 times when album selling time by Speed buff item
-Fix the scroll when select the members
-Display change during duplicate casting
-Fix bugs that cannot be trained during level-up
-Display stage name when touching idol

Oct 05
Version 3.1

-Add auto-click on-off function
-Reward Hair for Appstore Ranked in first
-Adjust to the trainees F to SS that are provided during the tutorial.
- Added concert revenue distribution adjustments
-Add new event hair/clothes
-Casting bug modification
-Casting probability increase
-Change Casting prices
-Font changed
-Recover GoogleCloud Save function
-Fixe other bugs

Sep 30
Version 3.0

-Download 10,000 Thank you Gift Headband present
-Modify Otherburg

Sep 28
Version 2.9

-Concert bug modification
-Added concert bug apology gift
-Revise schedule errors
-Revise unit error
-Other bug fixes

Sep 27
Version 2.8

-Correcting the recorded errors of the Vocal rank of the trainee's ability
-Inventory mounted items displayed
-Remove the cloud save function (error causes it to drop)
-Reduced the time to sell concert goods to 20 seconds.
-Increased price of concert goods
-Changed to restart the sale of goods when quit the game during concert
-Modify Other burg

Sep 25
Version 2.7

-Deleted select expulsion function
-Fixed scroll at add member
-fixed small bugs

Sep 22
Version 2.6

-Added function that increase maximum value of trainees
-Indicated number of. Ans required up to the next rank
-Added injection item to reduce idol’s age
-Reduced waiting time for album sales and concert in tutorial

Sep 21
Version 2.5

-Add costume for Chuseok(Korean thanksgiving day)
-Chuseok Songpyeon(rice cake) event start!
-Add reset SSrank trainee button.
-Delete SSrank trainee reset timer
-Add delete trophy function
-Modify result balance of sudden event
-Add Multiple expulsion of trainee
-Fixed a bug that costume item can not be shown in inventory when it is over than 28
-Fixed a bug that album presell

Sep 17
Version 2.4

- Fixed that cannot be cast when checking attendance
- Indicate hp bar at company manange
- Concert fully Fixed
- Correcting the ability indicate at concert
- Fixed decreasing amount of HP at schedule
- Fixed a letter at transfer ability

Sep 14
Version 2.3

-Revise balance of fan increasing and decreasing during event
-Revise the running balance of the Idol Field day
-Remove Group Disassembly
-Fixed Casting bug
-Fixed Otherburg

Sep 13
Version 2.2


Sep 11
Version 2.1

-Add history delete function
-Limit ability value maximum
-Modifying race and ssireum balance
-Modify company management UI
-Modify the marking of the rare item
-Start optimization

Sep 08
Version 2.0

-Fixed a bug that schedule is not properly appeared after the transfer of trainee ability
-Fixed the number of album production bugs
-Fixed errors in duplicate of items
-Fixed event information error
-Fixed balance of good event and bad event result
-Fixed a bug of multiple trainees
-Fixed schedule screen bug

Sep 07
Version 1.9

-Reduced student's ability transfer percentage to 50%
-Reduced balance of increasing of fan when the event of album sales.
-Fixed network time error
-Fixed a bug that concept is negative
-Fixed bugs that occur when make group or add members
-Fixed SS trainee's ability information in casting
-Added Trillion, Quadrillion for money

Sep 06
Version 1.8

- Add Gemstone Usage Notification Popup
-Food shop balance modified
-Add concert ticket price adjustment button
-Fixing bugs that cannot be stored at the company level
-To modify a bug whose album sales are not visible on the Company tab
-Adding trainees and optimizing their ability transfer
-Fixed a bug that would drain money if the Casting trainee was exceeded.
-Increase in schedule additional income
-Modify bugs that do not rename when changing groups
-Modify the composition of the concert experience.

Sep 05
Version 1.7

-Ability point bug of the inventory item fixed
-"All Buff Item Package" product added
-Add new hair & clothing packages
-Add new quest
-Modify concert balance
-Modify the balance of the golden bird compensation
-Casting balance fixed
-Add Award SKIP button
-Give Gemstone when Topic Found
-Modify event appearance balance
- Schedule fans can be obtained basically
- Adjusting food prices
-Add buttons in food shop

Sep 03
Version 1.6

-Modifying interface masking
-Correct errors in Album sales result
-Correcting a concert balance error
-Modify QuestReset bug
-Automatically Ability value error
-Revision trainee bug modification
-Modify QuestReset bug
-history album text fixed
-Deduplication of schedule fans fixed
-Add Chinese version

Aug 30
Version 1.5

-Casting Crash Modification
-Bug modification related to team breakup
-Modify a schedule screen crash
-Modify bug related to member's HP.
-Adjust Casting Balance
-Adjust IDOL Field Day Balance

Aug 29
Version 1.4

-Adjusting the price of a passion pill
-Modify background color
-Modification of the jewelry balance obtained after viewing the ads
-Modify member duplication during concert
-Revise the loss of audience during concert
-Correcting the failed cloud storage bug at the company level
-Cast ad view bug modification
-Modify time-related bugs
-Reset time balance adjusted

Aug 28
Version 1.3

-Changed the album to one month after it is sold
-Coupon error correction
-Group-created bug modification at album sale
-Notify users when selecting Gemstone Gatcha
-Change quest and reward balance
-Correcting the cumulative error of concept points in producing
-Correct the tutorial crash
-Change the tutorial producer selection limits
-Modification of the bug in IDOL Field Day
-Change Ssireum balance in IDOL Field Day
-Scroll bug in ‘History’ modified
-Balance of the Stranger and shop item prices modified
-Transferring of special management trainees’ ability banned
-Sound related bug modified

Aug 26
Version 1.2

-Change the name of the apps displayed by country

Aug 25
Version 1.1

-Modify English Title

Aug 24
Version 1.0

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