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Taa daa! Its time to relax with your own homemade fluffy diy slime. Have you ever tried to make slime at home. With this DIY slime making game you can make the best slime at home with or without glue and borax. This slime maker #1 game is a must to beat the stress out of you. Unleash your creativity skills and make oozy & fun to play smooth textured slime that you can’t resist squishing and stretching. Your homemade kawaii slime is so soothing and relaxing that you won’t be able to resist stretching and poking it all day long. Learn the real life applicable process of slime making, use slimy ingredients and learn how to make slime and play with the DIY jelly in this slime games for girls and boys. Spend your leisure time with this creative DIY crafts game. For some extra fun you can also see the glow in the dark slime feature to amaze everyone with the lights of in the room. Join the squishy & slimy adventure with us with amazing slime poking, stretching and jiggling features to relax the stress out of you in your extra time.

Slime Maker Game Play & features:
Learn to make DIY fluffy slime with real life applicable making process.
Squishy slime pressing and slime satisfying activities to tickle your brain.
Learn how to make and play slime & mixing all my slime in this game.
Amazing glow in the dark slime feature to amaze your friends.
Biggest collection of slime colors.
Fun to do amazing satisfying slime activities that you had never experience before.
Slime fails with too many poking and squishing with some crazy slime fun.

Make so many types of squishy slimes:
Bead Slime
Glitter Slime
DIY crunchy slime
Rainbow Unicorn Slime
Glow in the dark slime
Glossy slime

5 types of amazing activities to beat the stress out of you:
Real Slime pressing
Slime Poking with finger
Slime coloring in rainbow & unicorn colors
Slime jiggling in all directions
Slime stretching all across the screen
Tingling slimy sensation

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DIY Slime Maker! Squishy Putty screenshot 1DIY Slime Maker! Squishy Putty screenshot 2DIY Slime Maker! Squishy Putty screenshot 3DIY Slime Maker! Squishy Putty screenshot 4DIY Slime Maker! Squishy Putty screenshot 5DIY Slime Maker! Squishy Putty screenshot 6DIY Slime Maker! Squishy Putty screenshot 7DIY Slime Maker! Squishy Putty screenshot 8

Version History

Launched Apr 17, 2018 (over 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Sep 05
Version 3.0

Added Soap cutting into slime!
Added Magnetic slime magic activity!

Apr 18
Version 2.2.4

Added Slime fireball activity!
Added Smoothness in all the activities!

Apr 16
Version 2.1.3

Renamed The App!

Mar 06
Version 2.1.2

Add new Activity fireBall on Slime!
Improve gameplay!

Mar 03
Version 2.1.0

Add More Slime Colors!
Bug Fixes!
Improve gameplay!

Feb 28
Version 2.0.3

Added amazing slime painting!
Added new 3d slime with orbeez, baloon & gloves!
Added 7 new activities!

Jan 02
Version 2.0

Added New Slime Simulations!

Oct 12
Version 1.0.4

New Halloween Edition Slimes!
Have Fun With Halloween monster faced slimes!
Poke press and Jiggle the monsters!

Aug 14
Version 1.0.3

Added more fun screens!
Added new ASMR slime activity!
Improved game play!

Apr 21
Version 1.0.2

Improved game play!

Apr 20
Version 1.0.1

Improve gameplay!
Bug Fixes!

Apr 18
Version 1.0

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