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Create your own fashionable, animated 2.5 girl!
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FEATURES (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*・゚
◇ Tap to look
○ Style from 55 facial features & 26 outfits
◇ 12 dynamic, cool effects (-■_■)
○ Highly customizable
◇ Casual, sweet, or devious looks!
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       ゚ *.。。。·。
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This smol thing was created by me, Angela He, in a week. Here's my twitter (https:/twitter.com/zephybite), and tumblr (http://zephyo.tumblr.com). Thanks for checking it out!
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All code + art can be found on Github (https://github.com/zephyo/Live-Portrait-Maker) (CC BY-NC 4.0).

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Version History

Launched Apr 14, 2018 (almost 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 13 days, on average.

Jul 17
Version 2.31

Added 7 new free items
Added 65 new paid items, including elf ears, hands, and wings
Fixed some bugs

May 28
Version 1.9

Added lamb ears, bear ears, sunglasses
Can change pupil, bangs, neck, face, and chin size
Made bang movement more subtle
Fixed thin white line between bangs and skin
Fixed bug with "Eye" items and background saving and changing
Attempted to fix the following: bugs with old saves, random crashes

May 22
Version 1.8

Can save cropped or fullscreen pictures and GIFs (5 seconds or less) to gallery
Can update, change name of, and add notes to saved portraits
Fixed tapping for older phones
Fixed bug with saving / loading
More optimizations

May 18
Version 1.7

Fixed bugs with undoing and saving effects
Can shade hair 4 or 2 different colors
Can change volume and length of hair
Can change color of background patterns
Can change lip and eye size, color, and position
Can change eyebrow angle and position

May 13
Version 1.4

Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Thai support
Added 4 special effects
Fixed bugs in saving and undoing
Fixed bug with darker skin
Can control opacity for some choices
Can color left and right eye whites, eyebrows, horns, ears differently
Further optimizations

May 11
Version 1.3

Can save and load portraits
Can change settings
Added 1 nose, 2 mouths, 5 bangs, 4 hairstyles, 6 clothes, 14 accessories, 1 particle, 6 backgrounds
Added 6 more color schemes in randomize function
Fixed layering issues
Sped up load time
Fixed darkest skin tone issues

Apr 17
Version 1371293610

Adjusted for different aspect ratios
Navigation buttons are bigger
Double tap is easier
Fixed layering issues
Clothing can be darker
Fixed issues with darkest or most saturated skin tones

Apr 14
Version 1.0

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