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Little Mermaid Mia was back to school again. Kim was so curious that no one could find Mia under the water. She believes that Mia must hide something and decides to dip up her secrets.
After went through so much, mermaid Mia felt a little bit tired. Now she is doing a spa salon. But the danger is coming. Kim found Mia's fish scale and wanted to expose Mia's secrets.

1. Oh no, Mia was pushed into the water. Please save mermaid right now.
2. It's emergency. There is no time to hesitate. High school boy Eric jumped into the water, but seems he can't find Mia.
3. Using tons of creative tools to clear messy Eric.
4.The lifeguard is coming. He needs your help to do the rescue. Play hidden objects games and overcome crazy challenges.
5.Good news! You meet your good friend Tono again. But she wants take you back home .Make sure Mermaid Mia is ready for that now.
6. Dinner time. Get prepared for the big party under sea.
7. The yummy cupcakes are fully baked and ready for your decorating skills!
8. Decoration time - now select the color and style of icing for each Donut.
9. Mermaid Mia can't stop missing Eric. She decided to go up to land. She was back to school and meet her crush Eric again. So sweet!
10. Princess Mia felt a little bit tired. Now using spa instruments to do a mermaid salon now.
11. Kim was so curious that no one could find Mia under the water. She believes that Mia must hide something and decided to dip up her secrets.

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Launched Apr 05, 2018 (almost 3 years ago).
Apr 06
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