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In the virtual reality world of a beautiful family, there is about to be a new addition to the family! The virtual family mommy is pregnant with a new baby!! But that doesn’t exempt her from all the housekeeping and family activities!! Even though mommy is pregnant, along with her family she has to take care of the household well!

So, help the pregnant mom is assembling her house and doing family activity chores in her state of pregnancy because she can’t perform all the hectic activities on her own given her critical condition!! The game activities really give off a virtual house and reality experience! Download now to witness the hardship of a real life pregnant mom catering to all our needs despite her pregnant condition!!

Family games are a sweet escape from real life stress and give way to some time of relaxation, that exact relaxation is something that the pregnant mom is aiming for at the moment in the game as well from all the housekeeping family activities!! So, download this game to help a virtual pregnant mom in need!!

You have to perform the daily day to day activities which requires everyday work, doing household work or catering to the children and this time in the virtual reality family game the mom has to take care of herself and the baby she is expecting!! In this game it is more about caring to the children rather than the house itself!

The setting of the game is a 3D simulation household and homely environment with realistic home and life environment!! Experience the taste of virtual reality virtual house family games featuring a pregnant mom!!! Control the game characters and tasks as the controller of the game!! The only game close to hitting home are virtual reality family games.
The pregnant mom has different tasks for different situations to perform in the game so perform them in the given and required time using the on-screen joystick to move around and screen icons to execute certain family activity tasks!!

The task may include things like stopping your children from fighting, or feeding food to your pet dog or pet cat or sending the kids to school or send the kids to sleep or prepare dinner or play piano!! Celebrate kids birthdays and give them presents and other small tasks like this!!

• Begin the game for instruction
• Choose your scene
• Begin to play
• Perform step by step scene tasks
• User onscreen joystick controller to move mom around
• Use icons onscreen to perform certain tasks
• Complete task within the given time
• Complete game

• 3D simulation
• Virtual family simulator
• Multiple task
• Family member simulators
• Onscreen multiple controls

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Launched Mar 23, 2018 (almost 3 years ago).
Mar 23
Version 1.0