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Spin the bottle fun in augmented reality (AR).

When the app starts, move and rotate your mobile device to enable AR (surface detection). As soon as the bottle appears, find a suitable spot and tap on the screen to place the bottle. If you play in a group of people, the players will be found automatically via Face-recognition. Rotate the bottle with your finger and watch the bottle spin until it stops. If the bottle does not appear on the screen, move and rotate the iPhone/iPad again, it needs some time to detect the surfaces of your room. To replace the bottle, tap on the replace button in the upper right corner of the screen. If you like a different style of bottle, use the settings button to choose one of our bottle-selection. Tap on a players name for changing or deleting it. The 'Find faces of players' button on the bottom side turns on or off the mode for adding more players via Face-recognition and makes the player names changeable.

© by Frank Meyer and Johannes Dörr

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Launched Oct 02, 2017 (about 3 years ago).
Oct 02
Version 1.0