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Pocket Bonsai is a peaceful real time bonsai growing game. Check in for a few relaxing minutes each day to nurture your bonsai, influence its growth, decorate its surroundings and help it grow into a beautiful, personalized tree.

- Shape your bonsai over time by adjusting the direction arrows attached to each branch, then return later to see how it has grown.

- Nurture your bonsai, keeping it healthy and looking its best through regular watering and weeding.

- Decorate your bonsai using dozens of different decorative objects and pots of all shapes and sizes.

- Relax. Caring for your bonsai is a relaxing, meditative experience. Take the time to enjoy the stillness, the peaceful music and the sense of patience and fulfillment that comes with bringing your creation to life.

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Version History

Launched Jan 28, 2018 (over 2 years ago).
Sep 26
Version 2.2

You can now select what tree type will grow when you have an empty pot
The bonsai grows slower when it hasn’t been watered and the soil is dry
Leaves grow with random rotation to make the bonsai more unique
Changed the buttons on the main screen to reduce clutter
Added more steps to the tutorial and revamped existing ones
Some previously static decorations now have animations
The butterflies spend more time closer to the bonsai
Various bug fixes and performance increases

May 04
Version 2.1

You now have options to scale and rotate decorations
New Bonsai have a chance to spawn with new leaf styles and colours
You can now name you Bonsai
Faster load times for some devices
Added new decorations
Various other bug fixes and tweaks to UI

Jan 29
Version 2.0