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Four things this app will help you with:

1. Make your voice loud and clear
2. Use pauses correctly and for drama effect.
3. Modulate your voice by changing pitch, pace and loudness.
4. Neutralise an accent.

In terms of content, the App is divided in two main parts:

In the first part(lessons 1-6), you learn essential public speaking skills known 4Ps, power, pause, pace and pitch. 4 Ps to help make the delivery more energized and dynamic.

The use of 4 Ps is particularly important for prepared speech for more formal settings, where you are addressing an audience. For example: giving a presentation, reading aloud reports and minutes for board meetings, debating, telling a story, broadcasting etc.

There is nothing attractive about a monotonous voice – a voice which runs along on the same level all the time. This voice is not interesting to others and can never hold their attention for long. The voice drones on without any light or shade, or modulation, as we call it in speech training.

Extracts from famous English poems and prose were selected for students to practice.

In the second part (Lessons 7-17), you practice muscular and rhythmic exercises, English sounds in comparison charts, onomatopoeia and place names. These are classic elocution lessons, which help to make your speech clear and crisp.

App functionality: you listen, record, play your recording back and compare it with model voice.

 $7.99 in iOS App Store


Power, Pitch, Pace, Pause screenshot 1Power, Pitch, Pace, Pause screenshot 2Power, Pitch, Pace, Pause screenshot 3Power, Pitch, Pace, Pause screenshot 4Power, Pitch, Pace, Pause screenshot 5

Version History

Launched May 21, 2018 (12 months ago).
Nov 21
Version 1.1

Added links to companion apps.

May 21
Version 1.0


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