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Emily's Flash Cards - A simple, fun, and visually appealing flash card app for toddlers. Learn ABC's, 123's, Shapes, Colors, Animals, and more!

Flash cards are great for our young children to learn. They love them, want to play with them, want to throw them all over, want to bend/destroy/lose/draw on them... and then you remember as you're cleaning them up or replacing them that flash cards are kind of a pain.

One day my almost 2 year old daughter wanted to play with her beloved flash cards. I went to find them, and they had vanished (go figure). So I pulled out the thing that we always have on us, my phone, and went to look for a flash card app. You'd assume that would be an easy task. No such luck. Every one I looked through just didn't have the "look" I was hoping for. So, I decided I'd make a flash card app just for her (her name is Emily, clever eh?).

So the task was started. I'd take my design skills, throw in some licensed artwork here and there, and learn to code an iPhone app.

And here it is! Emily loved it too! So much so, that she likes to steal my phone now and play her "own" game. Pretty cool.

And now with this in the bag, I plan on making new apps that follow the same simple, clean, and visual appealing design that I've come up with here in the future.

So stay tuned, follow us on social media, tell everyone you think that could benefit from this, and thank you for the support!

- Emily, Andrew, Catie -

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Launched Jun 21, 2016 (over 2 years ago).
Jun 21
Version 1.0


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