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A Perfect Educational Game Kit for preschooler kids! This fun educational game contains many learning games designed specially for toddlers.

With these games kids will learn:
- Alphabets with sounds
- Animals names & spellings
- The numbers & letters
- Distinguish shapes
- Paint & colors
- Tracing Numbers & Alphabets Worksheets
- Improve their memory, logic & concentration


- Shapes and Colors: Identify shape & color differences
- Counting: Count the objects with voice narration to learn numbers
- Alphabets: Pop the bubbles while learning the alphabet
- Puzzles: Fun and colorful puzzles
- Spellings: Spell words with helpful vocals
- Flash Cards : Alphabets, Numbers, Animals, Shapes, Colors & More


- Ages: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 year old.
- Helpful voice narrations, colorful graphics, & great sound effects
- kids learn alphabets, shapes, animals, colors, counting, letters, spelling, maths, & more!
- Keep your kids entertained while they are learning!
- Simple & intuitive kid-friendly interface
- All-in-one educational game for your kids

All these great games in one game to help your kids learn alphabets, maths, language, spellings, sounds, numbers and problem solving. Perfect for your kids, student, or toddlers!

Suggestions from parents are considered as part of our regular development process. You can send us your compliments/feedback on itechnuts@gmail.com.
For contact details see - http://www.itechnuts.com

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Version History

Launched Jun 14, 2016 (about 3 years ago).
Sep 20
Version 2.0

- Newly Updated Icon
- Minor Bug Fixes

Jun 15
Version 1.0


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