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***NOTE: Some older devices will not be able to play Virtual Town well right now. That includes: iPhone 4s, iPad 2, 1st-gen iPad Minis, and iPod Touch 4th and 5th generation. The game is very pretty and uses more graphics power than our previous games. We have optimized the game to help with performance, but you may still experience issues on these older devices. :) ***

Come, move in to Virtual Town! Become the new Mayor and help restore the town to its past glory!

A note from the developer:

Hi! Thanks for looking at Virtual Town! If you are looking for the features and "bullet points," just scroll down below this little note.

It's been more than a couple of years since we have launched a new game, here at Last Day of Work! Well, this is it, the new one. Yes, of course it is a real-time simulation, but this one is a little different. More than ever before, we feel like we have created a world.

The world lives and breathes in your device. Moon phases change as days go by (just like in your real world!). When the sun sets where you are, it's turning into night in Virtual Town. More than ever, we feel like the world lives and breathes. Watch seasons change. Watch relationships change. Watch your mayor's adopted little boy or girl grow, and learn how to manage the town.

We hope the world we have created immerses you as much as it does us. Something to know, though: just like a real world, this one will be changing and growing. The truth is, we are a small team and putting everything that we want into these games is not always possible. We hope to continue working on Virtual Town and making it deeper, richer, more real, and more full of secrets, as the months go on.

In the meantime, join us! You are right on time! Help us explore Virtual Town and come with us as we see where it takes us. And where did that previous mayor go, anyway?

With excitement and gratitude,
Arthur Humphrey
Lead Designer, Last Day of Work

Virtual Town is a little abandoned town right in your device! Come in and help out (they need it!).

* Manage a living, breathing town.

* True "real-time." Watch it turn from day to night, as your own day ends!

* Meet interesting, quirky residents. Make friends! Make enemies!

* Collect dozens of rare insects, gems, and botanical species. Restore the town Museum.

* Dynamic weather, seasons, and moon phases. Watch their little world change just like your own!

* Build and decorate your crib. Make it awesome. Fill it with stuff.

* Adopt a needy child, to raise as your own. Train her to help you so that she can eventually take over when you retire as Mayor.

* Uncover the secrets of Virtual Town. Where did the original mayor go? Why did he leave?

Recommended for fans of our other games, and for fans of simulation games!

Check out our other hit games like Virtual Families, Virtual Villagers, and more at https://itunes.apple.com/us/developer/ldw-software-llc/id297606729

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Version History

Launched Dec 17, 2015 (about 5 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Sep 02
Version 0.7.14

We've been working all summer to prepare some new surprises for you-- keep your eyes peeled in the next few weeks for new features and rewards!

This update has:
- new functionality to support in-game offers and giveaways
- optimizations to make the game run smoother for some players who experience freezing or hanging during the game's loading screen
- resolved ad-related black screens that some players were seeing
- necessary SDK updates to support players using new iOS devices
- upgraded how the game talks to the back-end system to prevent server-save problems
- a couple other bug fixes relating to receipt validation, and the in-game version control system

Thanks for playing!

May 27
Version 0.7.9

We wanted to squash more bugs and improve game play while we continue to work on the next big content update, and this update contains over 50 improvements and bug fixes!

- The mayor can now run while holding most tools (enable in Settings)
- The wooden bins now function like the metal bins do

- Store improvments
- Offline play improvements
- Resolved some crashes and game slowdowns
- Fixes for irretrievable items
- Improvements in food calculations

And many, many more!

Apr 14
Version 0.7.4

This is the first of our planned game updates to add new, fun things to do in Virtual Town. This update contains improvements and new content, along with quite a few bug fixes!


- A Cinema has come to town that you may visit if you choose to. It offers you a choice of reward for viewing ads, including occasional, hard-to-find rare items like furniture, clothing, and rare flower seeds!
- A new in-app purchase that installs an irrigation system to automatically waters flowers in the Botanical Garden and around all houses in the game to keep plants in top condition at all times.
- Special new chemicals are available in the General Store to speed up plant breeding and help you find those rare hybrids!


- The traveling vendors will arrive more often and the Fortune Teller has a new surprise.
- The system for fertilizing plants and using the new chemicals is much more precise.

Mar 19
Version 0.6.7

We're releasing this bug fix update to make the game work better while we finish up the next big update that will include new features. This version includes the following tweaks and fixes:

• The location of the daily task is now indicated in the mayor’s Task Review list
• The Message Recap list includes key messages related to the story line
• Plant breeding improvements
• Fixes for disappearing furniture when decorating the mayor’s house
• Fixes for missing daily task items
• Fixed an issue that caused a server restore to happen repeatedly

Feb 17
Version 0.6.0

- Significant improvements to saving and backing up game data to prevent losing game progress
- Added a feature that allows you to review the days messages, in case you miss them
- Added a notification when you have planted the maximum number of crops
- Fixes an issue where food sold to the store was being reset when the game was closed instead of remaining available to the townsfolk until the next day
- The Traveler now remains in town when a server restore occurs on Sunday
- Fixes for town features not staying where you placed them
- Fix to the issue where the town would get stuck on the previous day
- Many other minor bug fixes and tweaks

Feb 02
Version 0.5.42

- Added a Start Over button
- You can now move the Town Features that you purchase in Town Hall, instead of demolishing them
- The Clothing Boutique now opens sooner
- Facebook login status is now more clearly shown
- Reduced the number of rude, cranky townsfolk
- The mayor's child will continue to age beyond 16 years old
- Fixes for several major bugs that caused the game to start over or stop working properly
- Many other smaller tweaks and bug fixes!

Jan 15
Version 0.5.1

We've been hard at work optimizing Virtual Town to run better on older devices and squashing a lot of bugs. Changes in this version include:

- Improved performance on iPad 2, iPad mini, and iPod touch 5th generation (NOTE: on those devices, some ambient sounds have been removed to help with performance)
- Added new function in Settings to allow switching to Low Demand mode to improve performance if the game isn't running well
- Improved communication about quest items when visiting the museum
- Improved the game's Support screen to make it easier to contact us
- Fixed storage issues and disappearing items
- Fixed gold tool unlock
- Fixed issues with town beauty calculations
- Fixed an issue where the mayor couldn't enter the house
- Many other minor bug fixes

Dec 22
Version 0.4.4

Fixed issues with the holiday lights display.

Dec 18
Version 0.4.3

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