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Kassettotron 14000 is, as you probably already guessed, influenced by the classic Mellotron - the ancient sampler instrument that plays tape loops. With the Kassettotron you play cassette tape loops instead, with 14 note polyphony and adjustable attack/release.

This is not meant to be a staccato, fast action instrument but rather a slowed down, deep breath kinda thing. It's a sloth, not a cheetah. But it's a sloth with tons of character. The cassette tape loops wobbles and struggles and comes alive at your command, making beautiful textures and interesting atmospheres.

For mote information vist https://kosmoscillator.wixsite.com/kassettotron14000

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Kassettotron 14000 screenshot 1Kassettotron 14000 screenshot 2

Version History

Launched Feb 18, 2019 (2 months ago).
Mar 04
Version 1.01

A splash of light has been added to the interface in this version, making it easier to see what you're doing.

Feb 18
Version 1.0


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