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"Radio HQ Classical" is a modern internet radio receiver. Enjoy listening lots of internet radio stations from around the world, sorted by your favorite genre of music.
More than 2,000,000 users have already downloaded various modifications of this apps to their mobile devices. They are pleased with their choice, and so will you.
* Simple, quick and easy-to-use interface;
* Users can search for radio stations by name;
* Users can search for countries/radio stations by keyword or part of keyword(s) in the entire database;
* Users can search for countries/radio stations in A-Z index;
* Users can see locations of the radio listeners who use this app for the last 24 hours;
* Users can add radio stations to 'Favorites';
* Users can sort radio stations in "Favorites" by country or name;
* Users can search for radio stations in "Favorites" by country or name;
* Users can view title of the songs are being played and have been played (for the most of mp3 and acc/aac+ streams);
* Automatic updates of radio stations database;
* Automatic reconnect on loss of connection;
* Automated checking of audio streams' availability (users are provided with accessible audio streams only);
* High quality of sound.

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN "Radio Pro HQ" and "Radio HQ Classical"

Radio Pro HQ:
* The application can work in background;
* No banners, No advertising, so operation of the player is more stable and sustainable;

Radio HQ Classical:
* Doesn`t support background mode;
* Player interface contains banners and ads;

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Launched Oct 10, 2017 (about 3 years ago).
Oct 09
Version 1.0

First realese.