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Tilt Theremin is an app for emulating the Theremin musical instrument. Using different motion sensors, it lets you control volume and pitch by waving the device in the air. It is perfect for playing the Doctor Who theme song, Star Trek theme song, or just making spooky 1960's sound effects.

The latest version supports gyroscope sensors, which makes it more intuitive and more like a real theremin. The gyroscope sensor is available on most newer devices running Android 3.0 or later.


* 4 different effects: Echo, Chorus, Phaser and Reverb.
* Choose between 6 different sounds.
* Adjust range of notes playable on 180 degrees rotation of the phone. This makes it possible to have more accuracy and fewer notes, or more notes and less accuracy.
* Holding the yellow button in the middle while tilting will pull the range of notes up or down. This makes it easier to reach wider ranges of notes, and can even be used while playing.
* Control volume by rotation the device backwards and forwards (gyroscope sensor).
* Control volume by sliding your thumb up and down on the upper half of the screen (accelerometer, gravity sensors).
* Adjust settings of effects.
* Adjust sensitivity of accelerometer.

Happy tilting!

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Tilt Theremin screenshot 1Tilt Theremin screenshot 2Tilt Theremin screenshot 3Tilt Theremin screenshot 4Tilt Theremin screenshot 5Tilt Theremin screenshot 6

Version History

Launched Sep 03, 2013 (over 5 years ago).
Sep 02
Version 1.1.2

* Fixed bugs on Android 4.3.
* New instructions video.
* Antialiasing issues on yellow button fixed.
* Fixed crash on devices with 2.3+ but no DSP support.
* New and finished gyroscope support! This should work on devices running Android version 4.0+ with a gyroscope sensor. It may work on Android 2.3+.
* Three new effects: Phaser, Chorus and Reverb.
* Improved echo effect.
* Support for gravity sensor on Android 2.3+.
* Fixed orientation on tablets.
* Graphics should now be more compatible.


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