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Improve your ability to read music! With I Read Rhythm you will have an infinite number of rhythmic reading scores, at all levels of difficulty and always new. Sight reading will not be a problem anymore.

A tablet is the best device for using the app, but smartphones work too.



*What is I Read Rhythm?*

"I Read Rhythm" is an extraordinary generator of rhythm reading scores. A very useful tool for both the student and for the teacher, he who needs ever new exercises to be executed by its students. No longer will it be necessary to buy dozen of traditional methods, when you have I Read Rhythm!

*Use it simply*

With just a few "clicks", create infinite different rhythmic reading exercises. All you have to do is decide the level of difficulty, the meter and the desired number of bars, and the score is ready! 12 levels will lead you "step by step" from the simplest exercises to challenging levels Pro 1 and Pro 2.

*Bookmark your scores*

With "I Read Rhythm", once you have created the score, you can give it a title, save it to your favorites and print or share with Dropbox, by e-mail or your favorite app.


*Standard Rhythm Reading*

The reading of rhythms is an integral part of solfege and the study of music. This section explores all the figures, in all meters of simple time (binary, ternary, quaternary and mixed).

*Jazz Rhythm Reading*

The execution of musical jazz phrases performed properly is an indispensable quality of the modern musician. "I Read Rhythm" contains a section called "Jazz Rhythm Reading", designed precisely to create scores utilizing typical rhythmic figures of the jazz language.


A project born from the collaboration of

Interplay Software (http://www.ipsoft.it)
Mauro Beggio (http://www.maurobeggio.com/)


©2017 by Interplay Software

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Launched Mar 03, 2017 (almost 3 years ago).
Mar 02
Version 1.0