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Using any cardboard VR device, V-Aria will transport you into a new world, synchronized with and created by your music! Sit back and relax as crazy shapes and colors fill the air around you, pulsating and careening in time to your music.
If you're a VR veteran, V-Aria will provide an intense experience that challenges your perceptions of space and time.
If you're new to VR and cardboard, V-Aria offers a comfortable experience that reacts to the music but won't make you sick.
We've included music to get you started but once you want to visualize your own music library you can do so by loading mp3s off of your phone or, even better, just turn on your stereo and V-Aria will base its visuals on what you're hearing, in real-time!

V-Aria is built for Google Cardboard VR so I will work with a variety of devices, including things like the Mattel View-Master.

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Secondary: Music & Audio

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Version History

Launched Mar 29, 2017 (almost 3 years ago).
Jun 22
Version 1.9

Greatly improved 3D effect
New mirrored kaleidoscopic mode in "I can take it" and "I can take anything" modes
Simplified mp3 file selection

May 10
Version 1.7

The visuals now start as soon as the menu comes up.
The menu now appears in front of you when you restore it from being hidden.

Mar 29
Version 1.5

Drops the user right into the action
Improves file selection interface
Fixes a bug where users could get "stuck" in a bad directory while browsing
when re-showing the menu after it's been dismissed, bring it up in front of the user.